December 10, 2023
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - Letters from Diana Letter from Diana 19-09-2009 January 15, 2010

Date Posted: 19-09-2009


      I'm going to address the issue of" Mediums", that is to say those who claim to have connections with those in the "Spiritual Realms" or the people who use Psychic tools such as the Tarot Cards to provide guidance to people.
      Let me comment on this first. All over the world there are dozens of "Psychic 'Phone lines", it's a thriving business in spite of a global recession; becoming actually all the more lucrative due to the fact people are losing hope, personal morale and extremely anxious in their daily lives quite apart from any emotional worries they may be experiencing. Everyone most usually will consult a reader when at a low ebb, when they are feeling personally vulnerable and overtly sensitive about things so particularly when their relationship has ended or they have reason to have suspicions about their partner, Now most people know of course I counted amongst my personal friends Astrologers and Psychics and let me say at this juncture that Astrology is quite different. It is a means of determining a persons life course as the planets alignment serves to illustrate as well as of course considers the individuals planetary set - up when they were born which is why to determine the most accurate reading; the exact time and place of birth is so important .. latitudes and longitudes varying naturally and the time greatly affects the various transits and conjunctions so one Cancerian by example will be quite different to another according to the year they were born and the time they were born. "H.R.H. The Duchess of Cornwall" like me a Cancerian being illustrative of this fact, how similar are we; apart from both having dyed our hair because Charles is a gentleman who prefers blondes !
      Astrology therefore is dependent upon the Astrologer making clear and concise calculations about things based upon their study of the individuals chart so some might venture to say will prove being a lot more accurate. I certainly can vouch for Penny Thornton being someone who does her homework in this respect which is why her personal site is promoted in the links area, Penny suggested to me my Charity Work as a means of releasing my past, my marriage and so too emotional baggage I did not need to carry and people saw the amazing results of that inspiring suggestion from her. Likewise it was Penny who suggested to Andrew to put the book I channeled to him on line as he did not want to publish it and be seen to be exploiting me, which is why it is FREE to listen to ! Now it is true an Astrologer will charge a fee for a personal consultation but as I have said, ostensibly for the research that they will have to undertake to determine accuracy in their personal Astrological reading for you.
      Now let's talk about "Psychics on Line". There is a fee always and a credit card option as fees tend to be high around the £ 100.00 for an hours consultation. Now not to tar everyone with the same brush which wouldn't be fair at all, there being good n' bad in everything and a need to be to create balance but not very helpful if that £100.00 spent by you leaves you either on a false high because you have been fed all you wanted to hear and imagine or you feel all the worse because of things told to you that may or indeed may not be real. I have recently heard of a perfect example of inaccuracy being given which would have caused emotional devastation to those imparted with the knowledge they believed having been channeled to them, it clearly wasn't or there were serious crossed lines in heaven! A well known Psychic was consulted by parents whose child was missing and they were informed their child was dead! Any hopes they had held for they're return dashed in one comment, their hearts torn apart brutally by a rash statement and their personal lives to a great extent destroyed! Eleven years later their child is located, very much alive and they have all been reunited so ultimately a happy ending but let us suppose one or both of those parents hadn't themselves felt they could live in the knowledge their child was dead, well; in the case of both taking their lives, meaning another orphan in the world and then of course that orphan being told the reason why they were an orphan ! Imagine for a moment how soul destroying that news might be for them, it actually doesn't bear thinking about does it ! As I have said this Psychic being pretty acclaimed so I wonder at what financial cost the devastating lie was spun?
      Please view a site on the net which is one which serves to expose the very real dangers and names and shames with evidential proof provided a surprising number of people. Andrew himself when an intense relationship ended became addicted to a "Tarot 'Phone - Line" spending £800.00 in one month! Unemployed at the time, his father had the financial means to clear the debt but the cost being their personal relationship which was never easy anyway, the rift between them strengthened as Brian saw Andrew as weak and an "Idiot!" and he of course had a point but Andrew was emotionally destroyed and seeking comfort and solace anywhere he could not inclined to do so by sleeping around and using people which would have been financially cheaper but emotionally far more costly for him! Friends of his even now know that he can still nurse an addiction to a "Tarot Line" but these days far less frequently as it is a tremendously expensive exercise. To be honest an hours reading is not the only time available so less time, a cheaper cost but in a vulnerable state who is going to want to talk to someone for 20 minutes and as the reading progresses most often new threads are added to the original tapestry so unless you are extremely disciplined and succinct in your questions hardly a viable option to consider. Also of course as with one Tarot Line Andrew has personally used because he trusts a particular reader due to their accuracy, he has found after the allotted time of an hour, this can be lengthened at a further cost of £1, 50 per minute ! Needless to say the company providing the service rakes in the profit and not the reader themselves.
      I'm going to use Andrew's example to illustrate things more succinctly if I may. He as I say had been in a very intense relationship, Karmic relationships are and he was quite literally devastated when it ended, contemplated suicide as an example of this and upon recovery having explained his symptoms to his G.P. was told he'd displayed all the traits of someone suffering from serious clinical depression and his G.P. amazed Andrew had not consulted him feeling as he was and been prescribed medication. Now Andrew of course realises as he has had illustrated to him a number of times but not something needing to be illustrated in this message; that he is strongly protected and whilst this isn't something to incite to risk life and limb to prove, it is a wonderful realisation he personally having experienced knows. Now whilst Andrew was in this highly emotional state he called "Psychic - Lines" and needless to say not the one he trusts or more specifically the reader he trusts now. Not one of the people he spoke to in his highly emotive state often breaking down in tears on a call suggested he seek professional medical help but instead suggested his calling them the next day to talk again ... which he of course did! Now some readers he spoke to told him the truth, so he didn't want to hear this or recognise it so they were ignored by him and instead he'd embrace the words of those telling him that his partner and he would meet again, talk things out and reunite ! Well they met again at various times around London, Karma  connected as I say they were pretty much magnets for one another but the meetings inevitably resulting in physical and mental abuse which ultimately resulted in the police ( The Domestic Violence Unit ) becoming involved and ultimately a court hearing and prior to this Andrew in danger of his life in one attack. They never reunited in earthly life but their bond of love is an eternal one and alive now that Andrew's partner is in Spirit and connects with him in peace and light ! Now to suppose this is what the readers were inferring in their readings for him, would mean Andrew's living in as a much of a fairytale as I found myself doing as "H.R.H. Princess of Wales".                                   
      An alternative to calling "Tarot - Lines" being to visit a reader for a personal consultation but again caution necessary as if personalities clash this will inhibit the reading or generally create an atmosphere where neither either one or other or both parties are comfortable in each other's company which will have a direct and powerful effect upon things naturally and positively negatively! The most accurate guidance everyone has is their own personal gut instinct, that little voice inside us, our inner voice quite literally which whispers to us when we allow it to be heard and not be drowned out by the powerful volume of our outer voice fuelled most usually by our own egos. Another more cost effective means of inspiration might be gained by consulting with a dear and trusted friend but there again this putting them in an awkward position; so perhaps not telling you their true feelings for fear of upsetting you more. The secret really being remain objective in any situation and circumstance you are involved in, do not become subjective recognising nothing happens in life ever by chance so every circumstance, everything that happens happens for a reason ... " Cheng " Andrew's primary guide always says " Life is the only university where everyone is both teacher and student for one another and life is the lesson, experience the teacher ! "

Thank you for listening to me,

      Diana xx

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