December 10, 2023
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - Letters from Diana Letter from Diana 08-31-2009 - Hello Everyone January 15, 2010

Date Posted: 08-31-2009

"Hello Everyone !

      Who would have imagined the events happening now German time which incidentally is the same as French time being in common with most of Western Europe and on1 hour ahead of the U.K. ... 12 years ago but events which have meant my work continuing albeit in a very different format to that, that  I had then imagined!

      Who would have thought that 12 years later two personally channeled books have resulted as well as three websites and of course Andrew's having met and connected with people who were friends of mine in life and channeled me on Australian and U.S. radio, in person at a couple of seminars in the U.S. as well as on film in the U.K. but these are facts !

      Also though through these websites Andrew so likewise myself of course have come to know a great many people, many of who'm are or will be involved themselves within the work unfolding annually and it is all of you I personally wish to address now especially of course Rose who I also channeled to this same night in 1997 and who has worked so hard herself in regards to the work as well as personally having extended a warmly welcomed hand of friendship to Andrew !

      Thank you very much each and every one of you for being so personally supportive of me, of the work and many of you infact of Andrew himself personally; who people know has needed to sacrifice much in the light of the responsibility he has been selected to shoulder in regards to proving "She didn't go quietly" to the world!

      I am so very grateful to you all and very proud of the fact I have found more loyalty now from those around me than I was afforded to find in life, I am extremely touched by all the heartfelt empathy and at times sympathy which you have all expressed to me but most of all humbled and so grateful that you all believe in me, believe in the work continuing and are consistent in your support and beliefs. I fully realise not the easiest thing to believe in and particularly in todays largely mercenary society, though hopefully the winds of change which have already begun to blow will soon be seen to hurricane as the majority of people come to recognise I'm still very much around !

      With my love to you all, thank you,

Diana xx

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