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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - Letters from Diana Letter from Diana 07-13-2009 January 15, 2010

Date Posted: 07-13-2009

      Here is my latest current message, not yet posted on my site. I know about the latest romance for Chelsy but she still apparently holds the torch for her Prince Charming and I have always said I feel she is perfect for Harry, so fingers crossed they do get back together.  However, we must wait and see !
He, I have always said, is much more Spencer than Windsor which given my brother Charles's antics regarding relationships perhaps is an explanation for this behaviour of his regarding his relationship but I would ask him to think carefully about seeing he maintains it as much as he can personally as girls like Chelsy do not come along everyday.

"Hello Everyone,
      Please do look at what I said in one of my most current messages regarding Chelsy and Harry who apparently have reunited 5th Septemeber 2009, news I am thrilled to hear naturally but also it seems Harry has been the one to do the chasing which is something I also suggested he needed to do so I am therefore pretty convinced by this example and others " Take That " performing "Back for good" by example at "Concert for Diana" that my boys read my site and listen to Mummy or at least take serious note of what she says knowing full well I will only ever have their best interests at heart ... either this or both are amazingly psychic !

      I would hope therefore I will be proven equally correct when neither of them are seen to continue an outdated, archaic system which will prove detramental to their personal lives ... they are "Free Spirits" and I am determined that they will remain so knowing a mapped out destiny of such conformity of rules, regulation and protocol will be so personally restricting for them and especially when in actual fact it is for the sake of maintenance of something that nowadays is more than anything else a costly tourist attraction!

      Her Majesty will I have always said be the last of the regal royals and does a tremendous job she cannot be faulted for; knowing nothing else the majority of her life, so consequently fully trained but in keeping with another era and one when pomp and circumstance held a greater respect by people who these days recognise the expense it costs to maintain and particularly in the current economic climate directly affecting them in a multitude of ways! People's priorities have indeed changed, personal attitudes altered in keeping with the transforming times the world is experiencing now ! "

      With love from,

            Diana xx