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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - Letters from Diana Letter from Diana 07-03-2005 January 15, 2010

Date Posted: 07-03-2005

"The establishment had done all it could to discredit me at every turn, wanting to be a "People's Ambassador" for the country though thought of as a good idea and worthy of consideration by the "Prime Minister" was ultimately rejected. I was called a "loose-cannon" when highlighting a worldwide problem, the result of which was successful and landmines banned but this did not make me popular in certain powerful areas, sticking my nose in where it wasn't wanted, something I was good at! I had a voice and being seen as non-political, one that was listened to, one that was heard and I was not daunted to speak out about issues I strongly believed in and did so making me a problem! The most convenient blame to attatch to me though being one with no obvious establishment connection.I was involved with an Arab, it was the absolutely perfect camouflage to set other actions in motion and albeit innocently I was of great assistance to them in this area!
In "Paris" Dodi and I had been trailed by the paparazzi all day even whilst viewing the house that we were considering as a possible home for us and at his apartment had decided to eat out at my favourite restaurant in town but due to their presence this had to be changed as we knew that they'd ruin the meal for us and so we again returned to the "Ritz".and an intrusive and unwelcomed photo-call eventually escaping into the hotel foyer. Foolishly thinking things would be comparatively quieter there, we went to eat in the hotels main restaurant but all eyes of the other diners on us as we entered, we left deciding  to eat upstairs in the suite. Outside the hotel the pack had gathered, we having been made to feel like hunted animals, not pleasant at all, making a public nuisance of themselves and clearly not going to go away,  threatening the security of the hotel. I was flying home to the boys in the morning with lots to tell them so was anxious about the situation outside but Dodi wanting us to return to his apartment for our last night in the city. I did not want to go and his father also had advised us to stay put and safe but Dodi insistent, plans were made for our departure, the atmosphere tense, I would say bordering on panic. Henri-Paul called in on his night off to drive us because of his expertise and knowledge of the capital which we knew was necessary in the event of our being followed by the pack eager to pounce on us. At this point I will say that I as basically a non-drinker being therefore extra sensitive to alcohol would have smelt it on a driver and not got into a car, much less be driven anywhere by a drunk one and Dodi and I as well as bodyguards paid for our safety have noticed him unsteady on his feet had this been the case, which it wasn't! Very easy to plant an agent in with the paparazzi, in the night in black leathers and helmets don't all motorcyclists look the same?

Dodi and I got into the car and in the rush did not put seat belts on, strange for me as usually whether passenger or driver, it was the first thing I did but my mind was elsewhere, focussed on getting to the apartment as safely and quickly as possible as well as the excitement of seeing the boys again next day. In the car there was tension, Dodi clearly agitated as I was and we were followed by a motorcyclist  inspite of decoy cars in front of the hotel, obviously someone had been tipped off we'd be leaving via the back entrance. I remember a car hitting the back of us as we entered the tunnel causing us to swerve violently and then overtaking us and further on sudden brake-lights and Henri-Paul seeing that if he didn't brake, we'd go straight into the back of the braking car,  slammed our cars brakes on and then a motorcyclist, I presume the one we'd lost on the way sped past us but shining the most intense bright white light into the back of the car and then the front directly at Henri-Paul which of course momentarily must have blinded him. I had faced enough cameras to realise this wasn't an ordinary flashbulb! So as well as our car swerving, its brakes jammed on causing us to skid, our driver was blinded and so not in control ....we were going to crash and did! My final thought, a simple one "They had got me!!"