December 10, 2023
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - Letters from Diana Letter from Diana 06-20-2009 January 18, 2010


      I think the time is appropriate for me to thank everyone who has supported Andrew and I from the very beginning, of course some people initially supportive have fallen by the wayside along the way for one reason or another ostensibly known to them but this is natural and in keeping with the fickleness of human nature. Never the less I am really most grateful to those of you who have as I say stuck with us, so meaning Andrew as well of course who has faced some pretty tough tests in preparation for being able to sustain his part in the work. As people know he now connects with Source directly so a verification I would imagine he has personally been seen to have passed the various trials with flying colours !

      The Media of course have ignored correspondence to them totally both sides of the Atlantic which makes this article printed in a pretty established newspaper in the U.K. all the more ironic but it's one thing to dream of the impossible becoming a reality and quite another to consider the fact albeit through a male of course, that dream is the actual reality !

      It must also be remembered how weeks prior to my death the headlines were not favourable to Dodi or I ... "Di and her Arab Play - Boy !" etc and then as I say the flowery headlines following the events taking place in Paris  "Goodbye England's Rose" but of course in both aspects I made the headlines, so did my bit to assist them in circulation figures and so proved myself again in being a useful commodity to utilise for their benefit and will I am quite sure be seen to be once more when the reality I am back is something that cannot be ignored as to date it has been by them ! I say once more because as people who have heard my interviews with Rose will know, once the work starts it is for a limited period and then she will go but I would very much doubt quietly as the impact that will have been made is one that is set to be pretty tremendous and alter a great many things that need modification, change and in some cases complete reformation. I have made it no secret I personally do not wish to see either of my boys being seen to maintain  the continuation of the Monarchy, as an example of the transformations I envisage happening having said also "Her Majesty" will be, indeed is the last of the Regal Royals ! There will likewise of course be the need to recognise the reality of life after death so repercussions in certain religious areas and of course as I did in life the continuation of the exposure of widespread corruption which is of course already happening which is therefore extremely encouraging.

      As some people have heard recently and  have recognised my personal energy is now clearly  infused within Andrew which is so necessary for immediate recognition from those who were closest to me of course, it being no secret that I have said I will be connecting with my boys again and I couldn't wish for a more powerful validation than for them to know it and to promote publicly the fact " Mummy's back! " I appreciate some people might still find themselves hesitant to believe in this happening but in 1997 it wasn't imagined I was communicating to both Andrew and initially Rose of course my future plans and channeling a book to each of them, much less having three personal websites on the net. Andrew would not have imagined personally meeting three people who were so personally involved in my story as well as of course channeling me on Australian and U.S. radio, conducting a seminar or two in the U.S.A., being involved in a film production in London, U.K. and heard on television in Malta, Europe. All this a reality so proof of the fact I meant what I said about myself in life " She Won't Go Quietly !"

      Thank you to you all again so very much for making my return that much easier in displaying the courage of your convictions in recognising and knowing " Diana Speaks ! "

With lots of love from,
Diana xx

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