December 10, 2023
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - Letters from Diana Letter from Diana 05-03-2009 January 18, 2010


      Taking Tony a "Diana Disciple"  up on his suggestion, I have duly recorded a podcast of my latest letter to his personal site so it now reading as a message to everyone and albeit a personal request for people to assist me in gaining the Media's attention. Though I make clear of course that I have reasons to suppose I have gained it for reasons all too apparent but they are gagged and helplessly bound to be able to assist me ... but what my message does is it inspires people hopefully to see just how controlled they themselves are by the Media for example which is something many are blind to the fact of being and so in this way opening eyes that have been blind and being a way - shower again !
      Alternatively perhaps someone with influence might hear it and do something constructive to assist with the work as a result of this, who knows but Tony's personal suggestion to make it a podcast is one I am most grateful to him for, thank you Tony.
      Likewise there is a new factual precis in that section of my site on page 17 which is worthy of note for all too obvious reasons.  On the last page of the Channeled Messages, a lovely and natural recent photograph of my boys added, in my book section, Chapter 1 a photograph of Daddy and in the unusual photographs area, so in the Photos and Quotes section, a close - up photograph of Dodi and I as we left the Ritz Hotel, so the last of us ever taken before the incident happening just minutes later !
      Thank you to Rose for spending time with me today in recording the podcast as well as adding the photographs and precis mentioned to my site and to Antony who today has intentions of promoting my work in Face - Book recognising this will draw more attention and traffic to it ! I am most grateful to you all for dedicating your time and energies in assisting me, so too Andrew of course in this work as without the support you have given us both, in all manner of ways Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and practical our journey would have been one made all the more cumbersome. I know I speak for both of us when I say a sincere Thank you ! "

With love from,
      Diana xx

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