December 10, 2023
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - Letters from Diana Letter from Diana 02-05-2010 February 06, 2010


      I am sharing this insight with everyone coupled with my own comments. Regarding your opinion Rose about not posting my letter on my site, I intonated this being my opinion in my making it your decision to post it ot or you'd have had a clear instruction to do so! It is marvellous you are now reading between the lines so learning how I operate albeit in mercurial fashion which is often confusing to many but a tactic often successfully employed by me to confuse the enemy ! Another example my saying the truth about everything will be revealed after the death of Her Majesty, ( having already written my personal eulogy to her of course! ) but people's personal conjecture by this comment that I have meant by this Paris as I have never said so actually !

      In saying to people this will be my last interview for a while does not infer there will be no more, not at all as this would be to concede defeat certainly in the eyes of those who were questioning of or disbelieving of the reality of my speaking so hardly something I would personally entertain in doing, practicing self - sabotage not being something on my agenda and likewise therefore handing powerful ammunition to my protagonists to fire at me. A pretty pointless excercise supplying them with the bullets !

      People might remember my retirement speech in life was called the "Time and Space Speech" and now review again this message given by me and see where those words are deliberately given to appear and in exactly what context .. I was an excellent strategist in life and haven't changed; I'm still me.

      What I am doing is simply allowing those who can support me to seriously ponder themselves about doing so or not? Are they comfortable as I have said compromising themselves personally in they're not doing so; which ultimately they will be personally held accountable for when everything is clearly made apparent in the public eye. After all they cannot expect much sympathy being afforded them can they ?

      Had I having done my homework about A.I.D.S. and H.I.V. and later with the Landmine Issue adopted a similar attitude; being aware of them but choosing to ignore them; landmines unlikely to be internationally banned ( albeit after my earthly demise, the same year ironically enough ! ) and people with the two conditions remaining being labelled victims by the Media and consequently ostracised by an ignorant society!

      The results of people who knew me stepping forward to say so publicly likely to having amazing results naturally regarding a major breakthrough in man's evolution, though I appreciate those concerned perhaps considering their own personal well being as well as reputations first before doing so naturally. In consultation with "Cheng" tonight, Andrew's primary Guide as some people will know the message given being this ...

      "Walking a straight path leading to ultimate destination, senseless to take diverse path or excursion away from straight path because destination is not seen to be close enough, sensible to remain on straight path so that ultimate destination of this straight path is reached!"
A friend, " Cheng "

      In other words how can the hoped for result be achieved if those seeking to achieve it allow themselves to be distracted from it which in typical matter of fact "Cheng" style makes complete sense of course and leading me to say I am not giving up but alternatively keeping a low profile, watching and waiting ! "

      With love to you all from,
      Diana xx

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