July 20, 2024
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - Letters from Diana Letter from Diana 02-04-2010 February 04, 2010

      "Hello Everyone,

      I am writing to advise everybody that my FINAL INTERVIEW certainly for a while anyway will be recorded soon. For those of you interested in what it will be about; it will be me speaking my most Current Message in this area of my site so a powerful one actually needing voicing !

      After great debate with Rose and Andrew of course it has been decided that there is no sense at all in continuing something which clearly is not achieving the results that might have been expected and that were certainly hoped for by me !

      People ought to realise in visiting this site that I'm still very much around and I am quite sure do; it is not something that has been deliberately hidden or kept under wraps in any way as were this to have been the case, its very authenticity being something naturally questionable? It isn't and hasn't ever been which is why certain people who knew me in life are aware and indeed believing in it but it clearly therefore isn't the time for them to step forward and say so for whatever reason. One being of course in consideration of their own personal reputations leading them to compromise their personal beliefs but something they in not responding are personally choosing to do and likewise therefore held personally accountable for.

      Whilst understanding and appreciating this, something of tremendous disappointment for me finding to be the case but powerless to influence them anymore than I have tried to do! Afforded time and space to consider things, minds and so too decisions might alter in this respect, hopefully so anyway and particularly of course those of my boys and my brother whom I would imagine anyway certainly recognise me albeit my now having to be channeled through Andrew in order to connect with them as I have intentionally done.

      As someone who knew me in life, so meaning the person and not the public persona has told Andrew, it is extremely hard for many people to believe that dead ex - Princesses can speak just as in a similar vein, it being hard for them to imagine a planet in orbit can exert any influence at all upon their lives so a very valid point made by them in explanation for this outward show of lethargy in its regard.

      Had I personally adopted a similar attitude myself about things of course there might not be as examples an International ban on landmines and people suffering from A.I.D.S. and H.I.V. still in turn promoted by the media as being victims and consequently remaining ostracised by society. However it could also be powerfully argued that alternatively in my having not drawn public attention to these and other things; I might still be alive to which in response I make no comment!

      I wish to thank all those who have believed and do believe in this reality whilst many living out albeit in ignorance in their lives the alternate reality and most especially to thank Rose who has worked so tirelessly to create this site where showcased is the fact " Diana Speaks ". I really am most grateful to the dedication that Rose has given to the promotion of my work continuing with the indisputable assistance of Andrew who has to contend with housing two energies within him; mine and his own which I can tell you takes some doing but which he has been chosen to do and why ultimately this work will indeed prove itself in being successful on a global scale quite unlike any other achieved to date certainly ... he who laughs last, laughs longest ! "

      With love from,

      Diana xx