December 10, 2023
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - Letters from Diana Letter from Diana 02-01-2009 January 18, 2010


There seems to be some confusion with regards to my channeling through Andrew as I have been since September 7th 1997. He is not my re - incarnation, clearly not, we are individuals and very much so. His diction, vocabulary usage, cadence of speech etc far different to mine ! Andrew is Andrew, I am Diana but he is my " Voice Channel " and the only one in your world which will be proven over time. Other Mediums receive messages from me naturally including Rose Campbell who hears from my Higher - Self. The Diana channeled through Andrew is the most easily recognisable essence so the Diana that people will relate to which is important for global acceptance of this miracle happening, something which has been ordained to happen so that my humanitarian work that was interrupted by events happening in Paris in 1997 can continue albeit through Andrew ... and why a man ? Well in keeping with being me in life, I could always be counted upon to do the unexpected with a strategy to confuse the enemy and so in this instance I've certainly done that ! In life I said of myself "She Won't Go Quietly" and this being the title of my book channeled to Andrew and read by me at my site for anyone interested.
Remember two things ... Don't judge a book by its cover and read between the lines."

With best wishes and love to you all from,
Diana xx

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