October 02, 2023
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - Letters from Diana Letter from Diana 01-28-2010 January 28, 2010


      Now before I begin this letter to you, nothing can be proven to support it other than people taking my word for it or listening to those who know Andrew personally but what I find quite incredible about my site and what is the greatest proof of all that this channeling is very real; being the fact by example I am inspired ... so I would imagine by my Higher - Self or even Source to take a topic and in this case the French Doctor who first attended me and make some pretty barbed suggestions about him.

      After all he is viewed by many as having been a good samaritan figure in the early hours of that morning but then to discover on the net to find that he has been the subject of questioning by others; as the factual addendum is seen to prove. How amazing and fortunate for me otherwise it might look as if I was just being very unkind and thoughtless and worse questioning someone's credibilty whilst not being able to offer any kind of information, evidence to support my claims! People now might believe I am as shrewd now as I was in life !

      It is time now for me to take a much harder line on things which means re- examaining things I have previously said and whilst not changing or denying them, certainly elababorating on them and proving the very real need of people to read between the lines with me. This begun by me in a recent message in the Current Messages Area of my site www.dianaspeaks.info as indicated by a change of ink colour within it.

      Some people of course might prefer to imagine; more comfortable for one thing of course; that Andrew finds a factual precis about by example the Doctor in question in this example and then fuels it by donning his tiara, heels and Catherine Walker gown and Diana speaking her bit ! Sorry drag doesn't suit him and the man has morals and honours them, especially having complete compassion for my boys whom he'd never emotionally hurt or harm this way which is why in 2000 he was inspired to write to Wills to tell him about the channeling; so five years before my original site was even thought of, never mind created within the same week it was something given serious thought to doing to show - case my book!

      Andrew is not someone who sits on things, an impulsive Sagittarian; he actually finds this impossible to do if it is something within his personal control; which of course global recognition and a personal promotion of my site isn't ... he didn't know me personally in life; so he waits as I do for someone who did and with the balls actually to stand up and say so appreciating the need for them first to be interested enough to do their own personal homework about it ; something easily accomplished by communicating with him incognito, he's hardly going to try to sell the story is he; knowing doing so he'd almsot certainly lose the support and promotion gained naturally !

      For those who might wonder is he doing this for the money ? Well I'd not be speaking through him at all were he so mercinary, enough of that kind of experience suffered by me in life thank you, personal betrayal isn't something written in Andrew's copy book and I trust him with secrets, something I ordinarily learnt the hard way not to do with people in life, finding myself in a hornets nest most of the time in one way or another! Also of course those who knew me will know it's me just by instinct actually, so not neeeding words of explanation even if not believing in something like this being possible; being unable to deny it ... the little things I say, the inferences I make which as I say those who knew me will recognise so the person and not the public persona.

     Also Andrew comes from wealth, he had the chauffeur aged 4 years old to drive him to birthday parties when his father worked for the British Establishment in K.L. ( Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ) and most recently in 2005 celebrated that years birthday on board the Q.M. 2 for her Winter Caribbean cruise, so money does not serve to impress or entice him.

      He inherited from his parent, no siblings and shared this inheritance with someone he wanted to give the opportunity of a new life to and with no strings attatched as Andrew is openly Gay but corrupting people, taking advantage of them in this manner; not something on his personal agenda as this person will one day verify themselves, Andrew's generosoity alternatively being something taken advantage of by them as witnesses to the fact can likewise verify; but for now a need to take my word for it as it is not the time or place for a karma to be healed. Karma used to infer like everything in life being for us; an unavoidable part of our destiny.

      Andrew of course pledging to fund three hospsices in my memory with the funds raised by the Diana Work; so when it is known albeit through Andrew I have a voice and Diana Speaks as after all once proven, there will be a global audience waiting to hear from me; that's guaranteed and my agenda albiet necessitating to be in my head at the moment is full as people would expect; I'd imagine ! "

With love from,
Diana xx

      Now listen to me read my book or read my channeled messages again and I am sure some of those secrets shared with Andrew already will be seen; felt, to be much more apparent as otherwise this is all a waste of my time and his as well as of course Rose's and anyone else who has been involved in the work and people likewise having justification therefore to question everything; so hardly the most sensible an excercise to have been embarked upon in the first place as if so to achieve what exactly ?

      Andrew to be seen as a nut job and wind up being the most hated person in the world for being so sick; mentally ill to dream up such an appalling travesty as to pretending to have a connection with primarily my boys adoring Mother and the audacity and cruelty to then have personally ensured that they be made aware of fact that he does ! It's pretty apparent with his appearance on the YOU TUBE he isn't hiding and with so little reaction from those who have the authority to assist him and to help me therefore to prove " She didn't go quietly ", someone faking this would have no doubt given up the ghost by now !

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