December 10, 2023
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - Letters from Diana Letter from Diana 01-18-2010 January 23, 2010

Original Date: 01-18-2010

"Hello Rose,
To save sending another email if you decide to do so, this could be in the latest current messages together with this commentary about it, see it and decide for yourself but something shared with friends anyway as I thought appropriate to be watched!"
With love from,
Diana xx

No smoke without fire they say and so this video I would say smacks of truth albeit diplomatically marked as speculation. It would explain William's having been chosen to represent Her Majesty; so the Monarchy in Australia. The commentary regarding the Prince of Wales and his wife equally telling, the knives clearly out for them within the Establishment walls explaining why perhaps Her Majesty has chosen not to abdicate in his favour; disppointment for him on the one hand but a relief shared I am sure with Camilla on the other!
I saying a long time ago I saw them becoming a pretty reclusive couple as indeed seems to be happening but hopefully anyway when Her Majesty passes, the role of Monarch dies with her as it being primarily one born of tradition, a tradition that in todays society is pretty archaic and is costly to the tax payer to maintain and serving what purpose actually. I wouldn't imagine the role of King being something William particularly would welcome given personal choice as shown by the fact both he and Harry choose not to use their official H.R.H. titles!"
Watch is video and judge for yourselves !

With love from,
Diana xx

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