July 20, 2024
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - by others Dialoog with Spirit February 21, 2010

Dialogue with a Spirit: a Communication from William Gordon, through Br. Samuel Maxwell.
I was born, reared, educated, and passed to spirit life from Boston . I was a merchant tailor.
Q. In passing into spirit life, how long a time were you unconscious?
A. Having no memory of it myself, I have to rely entirely upon others, especially my mother, who was waiting for me; she informs me that it was about an hour and a half. I had been quite unconscious several days, consequent upon a fever, but just before dissolution, perhaps for one hour, I became entirely conscious, free from all delirium, so that I was perfectly aware of my condition. After bidding my friends farewell, there came over me the sweetest sense of rest that I had ever experienced. This deepened, until finally my vision closed; all things grew dark. Next hearing was closed; all things grew silent. But in that utter darkness and silence there was complete consciousness of existence, and the most profound rest and confidence in the bosom of the infinite life. Gradually consciousness itself faded into oblivion. When I awoke, my first realization was simply a feeling of myself. Gradually my powers increased until I perceived my body lying under me, while I, the man in spirit, was floating in the air some three feet above it. Next I perceived my physical surroundings, the friends who were about the body weeping. I made an effort to make them realize my presence, but soon found that I could not reach them. Next came the recognition of my mother and several other spirit friends. Soon I came into full consciousness of my immediate surroundings. In my investigations in subsequent years I have witnessed thousands of instances of the process of death, and have learned that the spirit body is never disorganized, but moves as a whole towards the head, and then gradually emerges from the physical form through the head until it is free from the body. The separation is complete only when the life-cord which connects spirit and body is severed. In cases of death by violence this life-cord is not parted for a considerable time.
Q. At this time, being conscious of the presence of your mother and other spirits, how long did you remain in the room?
A. Perhaps two hours, then we passed out into the atmosphere, and moved forward until we arrived at my mother's home. Here I found many friends awaiting my arrival. Usually I find that but a limited number of friends come to you at the time of your passage from the body into spirit life - only those who can assist you.* Here, after a time, I was left alone to rest. The sweet repose that followed was much like sleep, except that I was fully conscious. While my bodily organs slumbered in a kind of quiet melody, my soul was wakeful and active.
* Some years ago the reporter received a message through T. L. Harris, in which the spirit said; "There are certain spirits who arc called `deliverers, ' who attend at the birth of the spirit, - that which you call the death."
Q. Was your external clothing prepared for you?
A. It was, and brought to me and put upon me when I first escaped from the physical tenement.
Q. Did this spiritual clothing correspond to the spiritual status of your spiritual life?
A. I afterwards perceived that it did, although I had no consciousness of this correspondence at the time. For six years after entering spirit life I was restless and dissatisfied, seeking far and wide for the fulfillment of the fixed notions I had in earth life. I was a rigid Presbyterian by faith. I interrogated my mother, who simply answered me, "My son, await the growth of thy soul to perceive truth." At length there came over me a spirit of acceptance, a feeling that I must take life as the Infinite Will and Wisdom and Love had prepared it for me. That once fully fixed in my soul, I became most thoroughly satisfied and happy. From that hour I have pressed forward in all the paths of progress as rapidly as was possible for my nature. One of the bitterest things that millions experience in spirit life is this utter failure to realize the preconceived notions that were contracted in the earthly state.
Q. Do you still reside in the same local home? or have you a home of your own?
A. I soon went out and formed for myself a home, with a band of chosen persons, six in number. We live in one residence - three males and three females. Usually societies in spirit life are grouped according to the character of their loves, and six is the smallest subdivision - the family unit - constituting a trinity of three pairs. Larger families are usually a multiple of six, as thirty-six, it being desirable to secure the harmony which results from working these numbers together. In the homes thus instituted all follow their intellectual bias, and bring the results to the home for the benefit of all. Diversity in unity is thus realized.
Q. Did you soon desire to return to earth and communicate with mortals, informing them of your new surroundings and teachings?
A. Not until after my full acceptance of spirit life as I found it.
Q. Are there not spirits in that life who are really opposed to returning to earth?
A. Indeed there are. While some are indifferent, being absorbed in the pursuits that engage their minds.
Q. Have you a teacher?
A. Many of them. Each specific subject that I pursue has a teacher specially devoted to it. We have large institutions of learning, and in each institution there are a number of teachers. Teaching is usually by means of representative objects.
Q. Is thought a spirit substance?
A. It is spirit substance in motion.
Q. What is the difference between a thought and an idea?
A. Thought is a spirit substance in motion, while an idea is the ever-enduring principle or statical form of spirit substance.
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JM Peebles