July 20, 2024
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - Letters from Diana Letter from Diana 02-09-2010 February 09, 2010


News from London welcomed by me of course together with that of 2 M.P.s' being held on corruption charges at this time, perhaps sentenced actually the same day as this crook was ... problems with the computer making this difficult to check up on at the moment but you will find out doing your homework!

News like this though powerfully fuelling my work as in my timely speaking about corruptions being exposed in this years Christmas Message ( Even actually mentioning as an example of this Police and Judges and miscarrriages of justice ) so albeit speaking from the dead pretty astute !

Anyway here is the evidential proof of corruption at a high level being publicly exposed so inturn leading people to perhaps seriously examine things I have said on my site and most notably of course in the Current Messages area where I don't hold my punches and know exactly what I am saying and ; or intonating !

News like this being real, something people wouldn't have ordinarily imagined being so or certainly not openly it's being proven to be so as it has, so they might likewise now consider that the corruption regarding Paris 1997 might well as equally soon be revealed ... never say never again! "

With love to you all from,
Diana xx