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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - Letters from Diana letter from Diana and Andrew 02-06-2010 February 06, 2010



"Hello Everyone,

I am as people are beginning now to realise a strategist who plays to win and capable of holding my cards close to my chest when it is appropriate I do so, excercising diplomacy when its given to prove necessary and alternatively of course giving invaluable information and insight therefore on a needs to know basis.

Charles first spoke of his adultry with Camilla and so two years prior to my admitting my affair with Major.James Hewitt and yet it was my November 1995 Panorama Interview that provoked Her Majesty to insist on our divorce a month later; having for years lived separate lives, ours being a marriage only in name ! So then why did her eldest son's open confession two years prior to mine not provoke the same response from her ?

The answer a simple one, infidelity being no stranger visiting the House of Windsor though heads not rolling as a consequence of this happening as in centuries past but I similarly facing the executioners block following the interview being given by me ! I was after all the outsider married into the family and always remaining so naturally, so never consequently finding myself being fully embraced or accepted by them and very aware of this fact ! Something both of my boys ladies best realise although of course both William and Harry will I am sure do all they can to protect them, I would hope so anyway but I was proving myself to being a force to be reckoned with and something had to be ne to stop me but what exactly, what measures could be taken to shut me up !

It was an action promoted by Her Majesty to take as it was albeit conveniently assumed anyway because I had been seen to have publicly questioned my then estranged husband's ability to rule, which served as the perfect excuse to begin the process therefore of getting rid of me. People might recall at this point that Charles and I as his parents attended Wiliam's confirmation in 1997, our last time seen publicly together as a family infact. They can surely then therefore deduce from this fact that whatever differences Charles and I might have had in the past; we were friendly and cordial with each other and not therefore then being something indulged in by us purely for the boys sakes. Infact on an engagement he'd often pop in on an impromptu visit to K.P. to use the loo ! ( lavatory for the U.S. visitors to my site ) and the boys more often than not being at school.

Had he even two years before believed I had been publicly questioning his being capable of carrying out his mapped out destiny, I am quite sure as a Scorpio particularly so with a proverbial sting is tail would indeed not have been so personally accomodating of me! ( Read about the character traits of this star sign ) He also remember argued with his own immediate family members in regards to collecting me and bringing me home to our sons from Paris being personally determined to do so; honouring his ex wife and the Mother of our children as well as the organisation of my subsequent funeral !

At the time of the interview nothing had been decided regarding formal divorce though naturally it having been something given serious consideration by us both but in my saying I saw the role bringing serious limitations to him and not being sure he could cope with that; my intonating the fact that as King he might have to consider in order to maintain his people's respect as well as that of the constitution of the Monarchy retaining his Queen privately as well as officially ( If I'd been given title upon his coronation ) and Mother of his direct heir and his younger brother and getting rid of his mistress to avoid repeating the Wallis - Simpson scandal of his Uncle which haunts the royal family to this day and necessitated a royal abdication, changing the course of history in its directly affecting it to the extent of which that Her Majesty is infact Queen !

As I said during that interview I was a problem and when suggested I be packed off quietly somewhere by the interviwer Martin Bashir, telling him " She Won't Go Quietly " which is exactly why it is indeed the perfect title for my channeled book. As here on my site of course my endeavouring still to prove the reality of this statement, so too publicly determining its accuracy.

I will also say at this point the interview itself being one I organised secretly; so Her Majesty only being made aware of it too late to prevent its happening, having not even shared its doing so with my immediate staff like my Private Secretary Patrick Jephson and therefore resuting in his formal resignation. Indeed all efforts made to prevent its doing so miserably failing, proving fruitless to their great consternation and embarrassment I'm sure and again determining to them the power and influence I had!

The reason for the divorce being called for as a direct result from the interview was I'd imagine in an effort to lessen the people's focus of attention upon me, perhaps not initially of course as scandal sells and a Royal Divorce hard to top as scandalous but in the eventuality that given time and space I'd be forgotten about ( as hoped to be anyway ) as absurd and out of touch opinion this might seem to have been imagined but one very clearly illustrated in its having been equally imagined that the people would have been content with my funeral being a quiet family affair !

On the one hand whilst being fully aware of course of my public popularity, the Royals reading the newspapers, watching television, listening to the radio as well as personally being subject to advisors keeping them updated on things but on the other choosing to remain blind to its reality. After all I was succeeding in upstaging them most of the time with relative ease which placed them all in a pretty uncomfortable and somewhat embarrassing position and particularly my being the non - royal, the outsider as I say !

Coupled with the fact of course I was associating myself with causes and concerns which though as keenly aware of them as I was, they alternatively having personally chosen or alternatively perhaps advisd to ignore; although I have to say that the Princess Royals work for the "Save the Children Fund" being tremendous and something gaining great respect from me; our personal differences aside, we didn't like one another, hardly surprising really being so very different in character! I even joking to friends that she might be Philip in drag, goodness knows what she said about me but I wouldn't imagine its being anything more savoury !

In my supporting these causes though I was becoming political and exposing things that had until my personal intervention in them remained hidden but once exposed raising a lot of questions to be asked and inciting a lot of red faces to be seen within even Her Majesty's government and I am quite sure it was realised therefore in this I would continue so making me a powerful and dangerous enemy as I might easily determine public opinion and ultimately succeed in dismantling the Monrachy; so a very real fear !

In giving the interview pretty much determining for those who knew me to read between the lines with me, so that in a prime example of this; inspite of my public denial of it during that same interview actually, that I had indeed played an instrumental role in the Andrew Morton book, and one, the contents of which proving themselves being extremely damaging to the Monarchy, its repercussions still to this day felt actually but of course being unable to prove it because the people imagined the persona "Diana, Princess of Wales" being real and she would never have entertained doing something like this being far too saintly and angelic ( Seen as )!

People now thank goodness and here on my site being given to see illustrated openly alternatively the character behind the mask as intended by me but explaining perhaps why Andrew Russell - Davis channeling me has found himself insulted on sites on the net who prefer to embrace the Fairytale Princess ! So watch out for more powerful revelations from me in the future ! "

With love from,
Diana xx


Letter from 02-07-2010

      I fully realise that to believe that I am speaking albeit channeled through Andrew of course is extremely hard for many people to imagine possible whilst for others an impossibility. To which I would ask people to think of the "S.S. Titanic" believed to be unsinkable until of course her maiden voyage proved this assumption so tragically wrong !
                                      Naturally the Media will be sceptical and cynical, they are paid to be so by example my journalist friend and now Royal Correspondent for the Daily Mail Richard Kay when sent by Andrew a sample of my channeled book read by me on my site sent an email back to him saying he didn't believe a word of it! Richard himself having been one of the last people to speak to me in Paris that weekend wrote about that conversation and then retracted what he'd said. On my site of course amongst the information documented here, the original document can be read as it would be expected to be found on my personal site on the net. Did his attitude regarding my book disappoint me ?, Yes of course it did but did it surprise me ? No not at all, quite to the contrary infact; exactly what I would expect it to have been from someone invloved in the Media and particularly of course a Royal Correspondent; treason would not look good on his C.V. after all now would it !
                                            I have already said that publications serving to prove the reality of life after death by example even compromising the very idealogies they promote in refusing to even hear what I might have to say in regards to this which is pretty ironic is it not but perhaps an Editor or publicist will offer them personal feedback when they receive their own one way ticket or return if that is part of their destiny to complete ?
                                             The mainstream Media both sides of the Atlantic tackled but all ignoring the communications but even in responding seen to be communicating with an ex - dead princess so perhaps the most apppropriate strategy for them to adopt. So as well as in the U.K. BBC .. ITV ... Channels 4 and 5 being contacted and specific programmes like "Richard and Judy", in the U.S.A. C.N.N. and N.B.C. as well as programmes "Oprah" and "Montel" amongst others, likewise radio stations have been approached and all as I say having ignored us; not to mention various tabloids, serious newspapers and magazines in both nations doing the same ! A lot of red faces then in the future and I do hope full of sincere apologies to me as well as course Andrew and Rose as they will be owed !
                                                   On a more personal level my boys personally contacted, my brother and Mohamed al - fayed so not really something Andrew would have entertained in doing were it not all incredibly real and he knowng this; being confident enough to pitch himself upfront in such a predominant way whilst recognising of course the dangers involved in doing so and again real not imaginary ones; as anyone seen to have the power to upset the status quo of things often discovers being the case for themselves albeit a little too late naturally !
                                                       I personally though commend his bravery as he has already found himself ridiculed and insulted on many websites and ironically enough to ones dedicated to preserving my memory!  This systematic character assassination hasn't daunted him from continuing with the work he is obligated to do which is quite something but a coward would not have been chosen to carry such a responsibility on their shoulders of course ! People close to him know already know the sacrfices it has cost him and I do not infer financially though he has also funded a trip to Ohio, U.S.A. for a series of seminars held there which drew nothing like the crowd I personally would have most hoped for but the audience in attendence there seemingly convinced they had indeed been in my presence which was somewhat gratifying to know and shown when afterwards shaking his hand saying "Hi Andy " and still whilst holding his hand " Hi Diana " and none of them released on away day outings from local mental institutions to my knowledge anyway !
                                                           A film shown at Cannes Film Festival being extremely telling; and one already banned in the U.K. prior to its public release which is pretty telling in itself; called for Andrew, consequently flight and hotel accomodation in a secret location paid for him by them. Film companies are not known for spending out on hoaxers and fakes to feature in a serious project undertaken by them and particularly those specifically aimed at removing people's blindfolds and seeing the reality as opposed to fantasy and fact as opposed to fiction !
                                                             Read my site cover to cover; every section, listen to all the podcast interviews with Rose Campbell as well as my book and then and only then may you be the judge and hopefully a non - corrupt one; enough said I think ! "
               Thank you for listening to me,
                                                            Diana, Princess of Wales.

Letter from Andrew . on 02-06-2010

Dear Madam,

My name is Andrew Russell - Davis and I feel obligated to make you aware of a site on the net which perhaps will pro ve interesting to view and certainly one that Earl Spencer might care to seriously examine.

Admittedly it is unique in its concept and content but the subject matter it concerns was pretty extraordianary so consequently being unforgettable and destined to remain a legend; it consequently might well be expected to be.

On close examination of its content it will clearly define that it is worth its weight in gold in a number of predominant ways and no less so as somewhere where facts are presented as opposed to fiction and realities alternatively to fantasies so no fairytale!
This being a serious correspondence to you; it is one that is witnessed by others as having been made as there is safety in numbers and as well to make people aware that powerful avenues of influence are being explored for future reference. They likewise might choose to correspond to you in its regard which will only serve to add credence to it which is imperative for all too obvious reasons.

Over the course of years now of my being involved in this work, I have realised that its being a sensitive issue, it is one likely to be determined to being ignored as indeed it has been but never the less one that in that involvement I am personally responsible for making known and apparent and particularly to those most directly affected by it!

Alternatively in my not doing so liable to finding myself being held accountable for this especially in the event it is globally proven to be recognised as true which is why Prince William was duly personally informed about the connection spoken of on the site in the year 2000. The site in question being www.dianaspeaks.info

Thanking you for your kind attention,
Yours sincerely,
Andrew Russell - Davis

" Hello,