May 18, 2024
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Special Corner - Spirit Dove If the Creator was to speak unto his children of this day January 18, 2010



Man has fashioned unto himself a multitude of religions, each having its own unique interpretation of our Creator, His creations, and what lies beyond our current existence. Each of these ‘religions' have their own set of doctrines and sacred writings, and most of them purport to have the ‘keys' to heaven, claiming the exclusive dominion over our spiritual salvation; is it any wonder that we have become so confused about our spirituality? According to the mid-2005 census by the Encyclopedia Britannica, there was (at that time) at least nineteen separate and distinct religions, serving six different segments of the worlds people, with a myriad of sub-religions under each branch. When you compound that by all the various teachings presented by each of these ‘religions,' there is no wonder that we are confused about spiritual truth. How does one choose?

Added to all of this, is the fact that the religions of the world have lost touch, if they indeed ever had any, with what the various terms mean concerning heaven, the Creator, His God, Lords and the countless legions of angels residing within the heavens, and upon the corporeal earth. None seems to understand the structure and scope of the heavens, let alone the various functions of its population.

It is customary in this era, to classify various terms as meaning the same thing, for an example, it is often, but erroneously, said that the Creator, God, Lord, and Lord-God refer to the same thing, when in reality they do not, nor did they ever, anymore than a savior or "our Lord" mean the same thing. It will not be until man learns the hierarchy of the heavens (and beyond) that he will be able to make intelligent decisions and observations concerning ‘spiritual truth.' Man is still very immature spiritually speaking.

I'm not going to try to validate my claims at this time, but for the sake of clarity, I will attempt to briefly explain the differences in some of these basic terms; these misconceptions are only the beginning of mans misinterpretations of the information that has been handed down to him for his education and spiritual advancement. It is no wonder that humankind knows so little about himself or creation!

Briefly, the Creator is the Ever Present Energy that pervades all of the universe, both the seen and the unseen. The Creator is unfathomable by men or angels; you shall never see the Creator as you might see a mortal or an angel, but you can see the Creator by observing the countless manifestations of His Presence; we ourselves are as an atom within His Existence. All things, both seen and unseen are manifestations of His Presence, and nothing exists without Him. It is interesting to note that ‘He' is used in a masculine sense, since ‘He' is considered our Father, whereas the earth is generally considered our Mother, the feminine gender, whereas there is no gender with either in fact.

God, on the other hand, is an angel, a one-time mortal, who has risen through the spiritual ranks, attaining to the rank of "God," having been instated by the Will of the Creator to oversee the earth, and its bound heavens for one cycle of the earth, which is generally around three thousand years. God answers to the Archangels, who, in turn, are commissioned by the Creator to oversee the travel and development of the earth along its roadway through the universe. There are many offices and duties of the heavens beyond the earth, far too many to explain in this writing.

The Lord(s) are lower in rank and are subservient to God, having been instated by the prevailing God (or Goddess), to oversee a segment of the physical earth. That is where the term; landlord originates for they are truly in charge of a given area of the earth and its people. In the very early days of the earth, when its population was sparse, some ‘Lords' were commission to take on some of the duties of "God" in their particular dominion, and were, therefore, entitled Lord-Gods.

An angel is simply any spirit; (we ourselves are, in fact, angels in development.) Generally speaking, when we think of an ‘angel' we think of someone who has had considerable experience in the spirit world, and our conception is ‘usually' that they are under the commission of either the ‘Lord,' or ‘God,' which is often the case, but simply being an ‘angel' does not necessarily mean that they are.

The duties and responsibilities of angels are far too varied and numerous to even attempt to explain. Suffice it to say that there are ample opportunities for us to involve ourselves upon our entrance into the spiritual realms; there will be plenty for us to do. Many people today are beginning to question their (our) spirituality and have begun to reconsider and evaluate the teachings of their various religions. This is a good thing and marks the beginning of the ‘Era of Spiritual Enlightenment,' which we are now embarking upon. In the many years that lie ahead we shall come to understand the true nature and purpose of our existence. Man is now capable of comprehensive judgment and the heavens are being opened unto him. This writing is but one of the many stepping stones, and there will be many more to follow. To those who are inspired unto spiritual understanding the pathway will become well marked. He who seeks shall find.

Seek within and listen to the inspiration of the Creator and His angels. We can all attain to His Voice in one form or another; to some it shall be weak and hard to discern, but given time, it can become a power with direction and purpose. To others the inspiration of the heavens upon their souls shall come in many ways, perhaps upon the wind, gently rustling the trees, perhaps upon the waters or within a summer's rain.

Take time to meditate, take time out of your busy schedule, and simply listen to the silence. The Creator, His God, their Lords, and the legions of angels that serve them are at hand to help you and to direct your steps.

Turn a deaf ear to the dark angels all about you that are ignorant of the Ever Presence of the Almighty. Smile and the world will smile with you. Laugh and your laughter will wash away your cares. Even though the earth is in turmoil, the Father and His angels are with us and they are our sure foundation. Seek their guidance and consolation.

Love eternally,
Spirit Dove

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