October 02, 2023
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Special Corner - Richard Rowley Just a thought part 2 - Contact by thought January 16, 2010

There is a useful mental exercise of the imagination that can be done to familiarise ourselves with the afterlife conditions. This is to sit or lie quietly and one by one contemplate what all members of our family not present, all generations and all places, might be doing, close family, then cousins, friends, colleagues, going back in time if necessary, to visit all the people we have ever worked or played or talked with, loved or hated, enjoyed the company of or disliked.

This is a type of remote viewing, but there is no element of spying here. We are there to make contact if agreement and permission is given, but there is no need to try and prove that we are actually there. If we have thoughts going out to someone, they may or may not pick them up.. If they are in spirit, very often our thoughts are welcome, and help the spirit on their journey. They may even come near and help us, by inspiration or the giving of energy. So this is a mutual process and can be beneficial. But even if it just remains an imaginative exercise, it still trains our mind to concentrate and build a reality and atmosphere around us, which attracts more of the same. So, as the saying goes, 'be careful what you pray for'. Good thoughts will build the light around us. Bad thoughts will attract negativity and disaster, and a cloud of harmful depressing rays. Those who write about and investigate crime and acts of violence attract much
of these negative vibrations to themselves, if they don't protect themselves spiritually. Crime news editors and investigators into the seamy side of cults and the occult, and society's low-life generally have often come to sticky ends because of the lower level of thought they work in; this used to be called, very appropriately, the gutter press!

So it is best to bring up all the details and qualities of positive situations and connections, and if necessary, forgive and dismiss the hurts, on either side, our indiscretions or their mistakes, and all the hate and revenge..

If our motives are good, and we really believe in what we are doing, very soon there will be many people, places and connections coming into our awareness. Our second sight will develop in more detail and more colorfully.. We me be able to start conversations. At the beginning we may only connect with a few people in one session, but after a while, there will be an immense crowd of friendships established, able to be brought up before us. But we take one at a time and we don't leave that connection until we have listened and said all we want to, then we go on to another.

Very soon we can see what a vast network of relationships we have established in this one lifetime. Then we can understand how much greater will be, and IS now, our life in spirit. None of this mental activity needs physical travel or even a phone or computer. We have instant contact by thought, and the more we exercise this ability or faculty the clearer it will become, and eventually we will open up 'live' telepathic connections with some people while we are still alive, just as our guides and some of our loved ones have contact with us now, whether we are aware of it or not.

This exercise is useful in the development of mediumship as long as it is used with discretion and respecting personal privacy. With this type of awareness we are never lonely or alone, and we notice that there is .a great deal of love and caring out there waiting for us to receive and which we can give back in return. In this lifetime we only have to meet or make contact once with a person in order to establish a permanent link with that soul, From then on the relationship grows between the people concerned, whether they are together or not, or whether they are conscious of it or not. So all the better if that relationship can be a positive one. Love and caring grow with a positive connection, while discord and hate often escalate out of control, so a person wonders why things go wrong, or they seem out of luck, or cursed or plagued with bad karma. Their own thinking has brought it on themselves. For that reason, think good thoughts, even
towards former enemies and rivals.

According to the quality and level of our thought-power, we create, or link up with, a network of light around the planet and with the spirit world, and so start to build and change our reality. At the moment, instead of light everywhere, there are many dark thoughts, and so we bring on us the troubles we see happening at this moment. But every good thought, every prayer and healing group, every meeting of good people, worshipping, making good music, competing harmoniously in sports and other positive enterprises, all these activities and efforts increase the light and dispel the darkness.

That is why we need to watch our thoughts, and make them good thoughts.

Richard R.

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