May 18, 2024
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Special Corner - Spirit Dove Blessed are You O God January 18, 2010

Blessed are You O God; upraised Son of Jehovih.

We thank You for Your wisdom, Your strength, and Your steadfastness in the Ever Present, Jehovih, Father of us all.

Words cannot express, nor can our immature minds conceive of Your work, nor the knowledge and experience You possess in the Father's Kingdoms.

Perhaps You are one who has yet to experience the glories of Etheria, but even so, if that be the case, it would be even more to Your credit, to be placed in charge of the world from which You may have sprung.

May Jehovih (the Great Spirit), and His Arc angels ever guide You unto Your way and ours.

Thank You O Great One for your toil, for Your love, and for Your guidance, through those who follow Your command.

My conception, and my words, fail me in my attempt to honor You by praise, but because of Your greatness in Jehovih, I know that You will forgive me for my shortness, as one would forgive his infant child.

Thank You,
Spirit Dove

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