May 18, 2024
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Special Corner - Spirit Dove Be still, and bath in the light January 18, 2010

Do you find yourself pensive and easily angered? Are you so engrossed in the affairs of life that you have forgotten to enjoy your existence? If so, you're certainly not alone but you can do something about it.

With today's turmoil, it's easy to loose one's perspective of what life should, and should not be, that realization in itself can be the firs step toward improvement.

First, you should realize that happiness and inner peace cannot be obtained by external stimulation alone; people, places and things in themselves cannot provide this. It's only obtainable by an inward feeling of well-being, a feeling of being in harmony with yourself, the Creator, and your environment.

There are several factors, which promote harmony; the chief of which is how you yourself process your place within the scheme of things. If you think positive, happy thoughts, chances are you will be positive and happy, no matter what circumstances surround your life.

Many books have been written, many pulpits have been manned, and many psychologists' couches have been filled, attempting to assist humans in coping with life's problems; they all have bits and pieces of light but none, it would seem, have the total picture. Many of these 'would be' benefactors have, in actuality, only served to further confuse people.

The truth, as it were, is oftentimes disguised by its very simplicity. Look about you at the socalled 'natural' world; does any of the rest of creation require elaborate rules and regulations? Does it require churches, hospitals, and a legal system that boggles the mind? No, of course not! Only man has complicated his existence upon the earth, the rest of creation lives in harmony with it.

It would be foolish to admonish the affairs of mortals; mortals will continue to spiral downward into darkness, as they have not the light of heaven within them, but you don't have too follow the crowd! You can obtain spiritual light from within our own members.

You don't have to become a recluse, trying to escape from the darkness, nor do you have to join mans multiplicity of churches; neither of these will bring you the light of the Father. The light of the Father is as close as your own very self. Seek within.

Take time out of your activities to just be still. Mediate; contemplate all the wondrous gifts that have been bestowed upon you. Life itself is a miracle; the odds of you even being here to enjoy living are astronomical.

When you start your day tomorrow, remove the scowl, replace it with a smile. When you greet your fellow travelers, take the time to speak; be cheerful and uplifting, don't be passive or hateful. Trust me; what you put out there will come back to you many fold; and what you put out there IS catching.

Take the time to look about you; look beyond your follow men (and women) and see the glory and the beauty of our Fathers Hand all about you. Open your mind and your heart to the angels that serve the Almighty; they are all about us, every moment of the day and night. You don't have to allow dark thoughts to enter you mind; replace them with positive, up-lifting thoughts. Be like the 'natural' creations, all of these fill their place according to the Fathers Will, so can you. Listen to the Voice within.

Do not put your thoughts and desires upon things of the earth, all these molder and pass away, and none can be taken beyond the veil of life; place your trust and your love unto the Father, Creator of all things, seen, and unseen.

The light of the Father is everywhere present, none more so than within your own soul. Be silent and bathe in its glow of spiritual understanding.

Spirit Dove

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