May 18, 2024
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Special Corner - Spirit Dove A Warning January 17, 2010

For many years, there have been numerous writings presented to the world in an attempt to awaken the populace to our ETERNAL NATURE; it would seem that many have begun to accept this fact, especially those who frequent this site.

Now that we understand that we survive the physical envelope, and that many of our friends and relatives, who have gone on, are still present. We must exercise caution and discretion as to how we approach and use this knowledge.

The famed revelations given unto us by Oahspe relates that humankind, when confronted by change, tend to run from one extreme to another, and our spiritual understanding is no different.

We are cautioned that; as more and more people put away the religions of old, accepting the presence of our departed kindred as a normal circumstance, that subjective spiritualism will become the new order of things.

Since we will be dealing directly with those who have survived mortality, we may tend to accept what they have to say, rather than use our own judgment in matters of both the earth and its heavens.

Just because a person has left his or her corporeal raiment, does not automatically make them any wiser or better informed. It would be foolish of us to pay much more attention to them than we would anyone else yet cloaked in mortality.

It should be remembered that, except in very, very rare circumstances, NO angels commissioned by God or his Lords ever deal with individual mortals, but rather come in groups, dealing with groups upon the earth plane.

If you are communicating with individual ıspirits,ı you are dealing with those who have yet to join the united forces of God and his angels. That is an indisputable fact! Use extreme caution my friend.

At this stage of our spiritual development, as well as it will be with our early entrance into the next sphere, we are (and will be) easily guided and miss-guided by those who act as our guides and familiars. Many of these people DO NOT have our best interest at heart, and shall lead us off into abstruse directions for a long time to come, even if they do not actually intend to.

Our sure foundation lies within the Creator, the Great Spirit, (or whatever term you wish to use) for expressing the EVER PRESENT, CREATOR OF ALL, none other, save His God or Lords, are of any benefit to us except those commissioned by them to direct the affairs of mortals and angels alike. They do not, and will not, come as individuals to individuals.

All of us are allowed total freedom in all things, including what we do with our newly acquired understanding, but please know that whatever you take unto yourself, you shall ultimately be responsible for; know too that the place of heaven and earth are within the keeping of God, his Lords and their angels of light. A selfless act is a selfless act, but be aware whether it be of God or simply something perpetrated by misinformed spirits.

Spirit Dove

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