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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - by others Awakening in the next world February 21, 2010

Awakening Into the Next World
My first clear recollection, after looking with mortal eyes upon the anxious faces of my dear husband
and children, was of being borne upward, listening to the most heavenly music of welcome. ... As the
last words of the song died away, I was tenderly laid upon a soft downy couch of beautiful flowers in a
pure white temple, which, I have since learned, is here called the " Temple of Repose ." I only wish,
dear ones, that I had the power to describe the marvelous beauty of that place. ... I awoke to find myself
clasped in the arms of my living mother, followed by our own precious child, and all the dear ones who
had reached the heavenly home before me. Oh, the joy of that meeting! . . .
After a little a beautiful lady clothed in white came to our mother, and said, "All is ready," when
immediately she informed me that we were now to proceed to the " Temple of Prayer ." Heavenly
music fell upon us like a holy benediction. We moved in a procession, I walking with our noble, loving
son. Oh, how my soul is thrilled with joy at the recollection! After marching on through gardens and
groves and flower-fringed walls, lovelier than any of earth, we paused before the arch of a majestic
temple. It seemed to be constructed of gorgeous flowers and intertwining lilies of snowy whiteness,
every petal of which sparkled with crystal dewdrops - all fitting symbols of the tears of joy and
gratitude that filled my soul.
A low interlude now arose, and to its measured rise and fall we moved in at the open portal, and formed
a circle about the loveliest altar that I ever beheld. . . . The sign of the broken cross, decorated with
intertwining flowers, was crowned with an arch on which I saw in letters of almost blinding brightness
these words:
"In this Life there is no Death."
While I was admiring the unspeakable beauty of the temple, the music swelled into a full chorus, and
multitudes of voices, chiming in perfect harmony, sang a sweet hymn of praise. From several stanzas I
select this:
Oh, our Father, give the blessing,
While we consecrate as thine
One whose joy beyond expressing
Bows her soul to Thee, Divine.
Immortality and Our Employments Hereafter
JM Peebles

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