May 18, 2024
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Special Corner - Spirit Dove Thank you my Ashars, my Guardian Angels January 18, 2010

Thank you my Ashars, my Guardian Angels who teach me and protect me night and day.

I apologize for my slowness, and for my foulness, and for all things wherein I cause you pain and travail.

Surely, your work is tedious at times, especially with one such as me, who can be so gross and unripe in my ways and manners.

How can I make your life easier but by growing in the Fatherıs Light, shunning the drujas, and all manner of unclean spirits?

Your work here must be exhausting, what with such an abundance of uncleanness all about.

The Lord, our God, and Our Father, even Jehovih, knows your plight and will provide. Be happy in the tending of your flock, for in time, they too may wear your shoes, following in your footsteps.

Thank you my brothers and sisters for your love and steadfastness.

Spirit Dove

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