May 18, 2024
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Special Corner - Spirit Dove A Reminder January 17, 2010

Our Creator, the Great Spirit, Who is the sustainer of all that is, has always given us complete freedom of choice, in doing so we are responsible for whatsoever we are and for whatsoever befalls us. As we can create a heaven upon earth, so can we create hellish conditions for ourselves. We cannot blame anything or anyone in heaven or upon the earth for our conditions.

In the past, the Great Spirit allowed us to set up elaborate religions to help us with our spiritual growth and attainment, and these have been good for us, but today we must stand before our Creator, accepting full responsibility for ourselves. No longer can we blame any priest, rabbi, medicine man, church, book, or set of doctrines, for anything else in heaven or earth. We have attained to comprehensive judgment and we can, and must, think for ourselves. We are responsible unto ourselves in all things.

Look around, and witness the beauty and wonder of the Ever Present, in all ITS glory, not only in the fields, the streams, the mountains, the oceans and deserts, but also in man himself. What a wonder to behold! The Father loves All of His Creations, and would have it that we all love one another as well.

All of the expressions (Creations) of the Great Spirit, the Ever Present, are perfect in their own order, only we (humankind) have been brought forth a blank slate, to be written upon by ALL of the Fatherıs Creations, including our very selves. What a wonderful gift the Father has given unto us; we have been given our very selves to create, and in whatever way we choose. We are therefore responsible for whatsoever we become.

Go forth in your lives, rejoicing, for you have LIFE, eternal life at that! There is nothing, no conditions whatsoever that are worth lamenting over! Go forth into the world with the knowledge that you do not have to become ensnared in the affairs of mortals, some of whom are yet below the grades!

Be a beacon of light and life before your Creator; show the Father how much you appreciate the LIFE given unto you by living it well. Abide by the commandments given unto all people of old (the Ten Commandments) and love your neighbor as you would love your own family.

Remember: Those who abide by the laws have no need for laws; a people with many laws are a lawless people, or they would not need such laws. We need only to learn to love and take care of one another; all else will take care of itself.

Spirit Dove

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