February 21, 2024
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - by others A Spirit Message, with Answers to Questions, part 2 February 21, 2010

A Spirit Message, with Answers to Questions, part 2
Spirits, as you well know, meet by the law of affinity, and move in groups or divisions. Minds engaged
in the same pursuits naturally gravitate to the same condition; and our homes, instead of being built as
you build yours, are constructed to meet the desires of those who inhabit them. Those having no desire
for food or shelter, and no especial wish for a located home, wander on through this spiritual world of
wondrous beauty, enjoying it much as you would enjoy an Italian sunset. Spirits are more inclined to
live and move in groups, clusters and societies, than mortals. This does not apply, however, to those
who have just left their bodies. The groups and societies that I previously referred to, dwell or exist out
of and beyond the atmosphere of your earth. Though the spirit world may, the spiritual world does not
begin, until the earthly life is nearly lost sight of. . . .
The embryo infant is immortal from the moment of conception, and hence it is a fearful vice to blast
and force the bud from the tree of life. Every child should be a welcome child, and, passing through the
diverse experiences of infancy, youth, and manhood, should reach a good old age. . . .
It is not true, as a class of Theosophists teach, that it is possible for a human soul to perish through
inherent depravity. But it sometimes transpires that a human personality in descending into and
assuming earth garments, becomes divided in a manner analogous to the separation of a ray of light
through the agency of the prism, and these divided portions converge and blend in the original
personality again after certain special missions have been accomplished. . . .
In the spirit world, spirit guides do not necessarily bear any relation to the mediums they controlled
upon earth. There should be a distinction made between spirit guardians and spirit guides. All mortals
have their guardian angels, but all do not have spirit guides helping them in the performance of a
special work. Where there is great love, however, between the guides and the medium, where both have
suffered much, Doth growing mutually strong in sympathy and faith, then the spirit guide becomes the
teacher of the medium, when the latter is clothed upon with immortality.
Immortality and Our Employments Hereafter
JM Peebles

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