May 18, 2024
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - by others A little Study of The Sublime May 11, 2010

A LITTLE STUDY IN THE SUBLIMEThe Creator is Love, the Supreme Attraction, abiding within the sublime state of the souluniverse, the inmost universe, which gives spiritual life and power to the mentaluniverse and to the material universe, as the individual power of man by its presencegives life and power to the human mind and body.The omnipotent attraction of the Creator is modified in its expression through the mentaluniverse out to the most negative degrees of the material universe, translated, as itwere, into terms of mental and material attraction.The attractive power of His love appears in its expression through matter to be butamechanical law of attraction, and the intelligence in the law or power does not appearuntil the evolution of the higher forms of life, but this appearance of mechanicalcoldness is due to the negativeness and grossness of substance as well as to theabsolutely impersonal and impartial character of the love of the Ever-Present.The omnipotence of His love may be better comprehended from the concreterevelations of astronomy. Our sun is a mighty electro-magnet for the generation of theleast powerful expression of God's attractive force; but the action of this great magnetupon the planets, which are less powerful magnets, reveals to us an operating powermysteriously grand.And the far-seeing telescope reveals that all the fixed stars which illumine the darkspaces of infinitude above the earth and below the earth, out into the vast universe in alldirections, are all of them mighty suns, most of them of so immense a size as to staggerall belief. They are as much larger than our sun as our sun is larger than the earth, andit is a fact that it would take one million three hundred and ten thousand globes the sizeof the earth to make a globe the size of our sun. Add to this the fact that each one ofthese glorious suns is, like our sun, the parent of a number of planets, and that eachone of the many planets swinging in harmony around the parent sun is inhabited byforms of developing life and intelligence, and we begin to gain a more comprehensiveidea of the magnitude of the Creator's universe and the omnipotence of His love, whichis the source of that attraction so universally active.THE DOORS OF LIFE - Walter DeVoe

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