May 18, 2024
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Special Corner - Spirit Dove What a difference a lifetime makes ! January 18, 2010

Wandering Star and I were just commenting on how fast the days seem to come and go, now that we are in our so-called Golden Years. Obviously, the days are not flowing any more rapidly, but they certainly do seem to have sped up.

It is not that either of us feels any disparagement regarding the time we have remaining, quite the contrary, we are both looking forward to the change, and to the adventure of embarking upon another phase of our existence. There is, of course, a certain amount of apprehension at facing the unknown, but we feel comforted that, since the Father has always provided a way for us, He will continue to do so as we progress.

Looking back, there is so much that has transpired during our lifetimes, not only regarding our own personal lives, but also with the world, and its peoples. The people of today proclaim, as I am sure many that preceded us did, that we live in a most ʽmodernʼ world, full of wonders, even with its inherent complications. I guess it is no wonder that the people of this era feel the same way, what with all the so-called advancements we have witnessed during our short tenure.

Time, we are told, runs in cycles, and that in reality, there is nothing ʽnew under the sun,ʼ while that may very well be true, it is difficult to visualize some of what weʼve experienced as having occurred before; Iʼm sure it has someplace, and at some time, even though probably not in quite the same way.

I spent much of my early youth in a part of the country (America) that was slow in attaining to the developments of other parts of the country, which allowed me the opportunity to experience, and appreciate how life was spent in even earlier times than my actual years.

It is still vivid in my recollection how we, as a family, a large family I might add, worked and played together. We arose before daybreak to the roosterʼs crow, and were busied with our various chores; milking cows, gathering eggs and the like, while the ʽwomenʼ prepared breakfast. What a breakfast it would be too! Ham; bacon and eggs, as well as biscuits and gravy were not unusual; not to mention fresh milk, jelly and jams and often fried potatoes. I can still smell the luscious aroma.

As a family, we worked the fields, tended the animals, and generally took care of the many duties required to operate a pretty much self-sufficient, rural farm, situated in the hills of Kentucky. We were not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination but somehow we always seemed to manage. We were not especially a ʽreligiousʼ family either but all of us were keenly aware of our relationship to ʽMother Earthʼ and to a higher, Creative force, which I later came to understand by the many names affixed to it. Thanks to Wandering Star, and my various associations with the native peoples of this great land, I have adopted the terms ʽGreat Spiritʼ or ʽGreat Mysteryʼ but this force is known throughout the world by many names.

Up until then, life was very basic, but improved as ʽmodernʼ improvements began to arrive in their area, notably electricity and the telephone. My grand parents (with whom I was staying) did not acquire running water, indoor plumbing, nor gas or propane until after their home burned and they moved closer to town.

During those early years, I can still recall my astonishment at witnessing my first black and white television, and how I was mesmerized by it since, until then, I had only listened to the wonderful stories crackling from the family radio. Our usual entertainment was listening to the adults playing homemade musical instruments and singing on the front porch, while we youngsters played together in the yard.

Another moment in time that left an impression on me was when my grand parents acquired their first telephone, and how everyone on the party line would listen in on everyone elseʼs conversations. Our ring was two shorts, and a long, produced when anyone on the line cranked their phones handle the proper sequence. It was quite a conversation piece for some time, until the practice became somewhat annoying.

Even though life was often difficult, it was also very rewarding, as most everyone looked out for everyone else; you could always count on your friends and neighbors to help you out in your time of need. It was a very different society than that which we share today! Men and women in those days said what they meant, and meant what they said; they were mostly self-reliant, honorable, and hard working people whose word was their bond. Overall, it was a much richer and happier life than we observe today.

There are so many wonderful memories that I could share with you about that bygone era, but then, this is not an autobiography, but an attempt to compare the ʽthen,ʼ with the ʽnow.ʼ There are significant differences, and most people of today, those who have not experienced these things for themselves, havenʼt the foggiest idea of how societyʼs basic values have changed over these relatively few years. ʽMore,ʼ definitely does not mean better!

Many people in this country seem to place too much importance on their ʽphysicalʼ existence, rather than their ʽspiritual.ʼ I suspect that they are not used to having an intimate relationship with their Creator. Many have lost their ʽonenessʼ with Him; the ʽearthʼ is, in many instances, all that they know, especially if they no longer live close to, or rely on, the Fatherʼs Presence in their daily lives.

My wife, Wandering Star, spent most of her formative years living on the Cherokee reservation in North Carolina; it is here that she too learned to live close to the land, being taught the traditional ways of the Native Americans of her tribe, who followed the commandments of the Great Spirit. All of the Fatherʼs Creations are sacred to them, and many continue to live in concert with His creations.

Those who have left the old ways, be it Native American or traditional country culture, have lost a great deal by forgetting our natural relationship with the Creator and the land. So-called ʽmodernʼ culture has come to rely upon manʼs contrivances, rather than placing their faith and trust in the Ever Present Creator.

Admittedly, it is very difficult to maintain a positive and joyous demeanor as we confront the world we live in today but ʽwhat is out there, does not have to reside in here!ʼ Even though we cannot change the world out there, we CAN change what is in here, we can change our views, our attitude, and how we react to our experiences.

Our attitude dictates not only how we feel about the world but it also dictates our sense of happiness and well-being. We should train ourselves to view the Creatorʼs Hand within all things; we should strive to see the good and the positive rather than the bad and the negative. We do not have to be burdened by the burdens of the world. We should keep in mind that ALL THINGS, even our fellowmen, are a part of, and an expression of the Ever Present Creator.

As we confront the world, letʼs put a smile upon our face, have a kind word for those we meet, and be willing to help not only those in need but everyone that comes within our reach. As negative attitudes are catching, so are positive attitudes. If we continue to exhibit happiness and pleasantness unto others these attributes will, in time, become our natural bent and others will follow suit by being pleasant to us as well. As one person can change, so can the entire world. What and how we think is much like a prayer and everyone receives it, whether it is realized or not. The collective thoughts of the masses truly create our reality.

The years of my life have passed steadily by, one after another, and life has been full; school, military service, business executive, trade specialist, electronics technician; raising a family, loosing a wife through divorce, loosing a son to drugs, and two daughters to marriage and, all the while, seeking spiritual truth, understanding, and the ʽright roadʼ unto eternal life. My cup has truly been filled to the brim!

Now, that I am in my final years, I am even more blessed; the Great Spirit has bestowed unto me a help-mate in the form of Wandering Star, has allowed me to glimpse into the realms of spirit, and has inspired me to write about what I have learned, both of immortality, as well as mortality. Thank You Father.

It is difficult to look upon the world that we live in and maintain a positive attitude; there are so many factions at work, so many people pulling in diverse directions. With such a lack of harmony amongst mortals today, it is no wonder that there is unhappiness and unrest. Everywhere you look; there is dissention among the peoples of the earth. It takes an effort to seek within and find contentment and harmony, but our faith and trust in the Great Spirit can, and will see us through.

Even though our world is being shaken to its very core with darkness and inhumanity, there is, and shall always be HOPE, so long as there are those who love, respect and follow the Fatherʼs Commandments.

We have been told, that we cannot leaven the whole mass, that we cannot change the world; but we can change ourselves. We do not have to follow the crowd, rather we can assume responsibility for our own spiritual salvation, and open the door to spiritual enlightenment and guidance; it is available to those who will seek it, and are willing to accept responsibility for their own ʽwhatsoeverʼ they are.

Many trials and tribulations shall issue forth in the years that lie ahead, we cannot avoid them, but the angels of light, that serve the Creator, shall come forth to guide us, and are, in fact, at our doorstep this day. Strive to be one with the Father and live your highest light in all things and they shall be there to guide you.

The Father did not go away from His Creations; He IS Ever Present, and within ALL of His Creations. He is as near to you as is your breath of life. Call upon Him and He shall give unto you light, and hope, and happiness of heart, no matter how dark the world may become. Place your faith in the Father and seek the kingdoms of God, for they are your sure foundation, now and forever.

Love eternally,
Wandering Star and Spirit Dove

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