February 20, 2024
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Spirit Material - Spirit Writings - by others Affirmation of Recognition May 11, 2010


Almighty Life is all about us.God's presence is always with us.The Spirit of the Creator is always with us.His presence broods over our souls.His presence awakens the divine within us.His presence is now focused on our souls.His mighty Mind comprehends our needs.He is the wisdom power of eternity.He is the guide of our souls.He is the light of humanity.He is guiding us onward and upward. He is the Master of all souls.His Spirit is within all souls.He directs us to the Father.He is drawing us continually.My soul feels his presence.I feel the presence of life.I feel the presence of power.I recognize goodness within me.I recognize that I am an immortal Spirit.I recognize that all things good are for me. I recognize that eternity is before me. Yea, I live in eternity now.There is no end to my consciousness.My consciousness is growing greater day by day. I shall awake in the consciousness of divinity.I shall see God face to face.I shall see His presence in humanity.Nature will reveal Him to me.My own soul will shine with His glory.His goodness and power are in me now, and I strive to bring them into expression.I try to express the real spiritual self.I try to live from my soul, for the Almighty is my strength.Mystic Words of Mighty Power - Walter DeVoe

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