May 18, 2024
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Special Corner - Spirit Dove About Spirit Doves Yahoo Group January 18, 2010

Yahoo group description:

We are all spirits cloaked in mortal flesh; spirituality has nothing to do with religion per se.

Religion is how one wishes to express ones spiritual beliefs, for our purpose, 'spirituality' deals with the essence of that which we are, that is, ETERNAL LIFE. We are, and always will be, spirits. No religion will ever change that, no religion has all of the answers, nor do any of them contain the 'keys' to heaven, most, in fact, have completely confused morals as to their true natures and destiny.

Musing of Spirit Dove is intended to be a positive forum to exchange ideas and information as to who and what we are.

It is intended to be a positive re-inforcement of spiritual knowledge and wisdom that has survived through the ages, which has surpassed the limited views as held by so many so called religions.

If you're not interested in coming to grips with who and what you truly are, then this site would not be a place for you; there are countless 'religious' sites that you may choose from.

The Great Spirit, the Almighty, the Ever Present, Our Father, wishes only good things for All that has been Created. The Creator, which can be found within yourself and, indeed within all of Creation, is one of love and harmony. Never should The Great Mystery be approached with fear or apprehension but rather with love and appreciation.

The smallest prayer, uttered with a full heart, is always heard. You DO NOT require any intermediary to speak upon your behalf, you are a power unto yourself.

The Great Spirit is like unto a vast ocean, in which we are but single molecules, but we, as small as we may be, are as important to the expression of that vast ocean as is any other molecule. We are part and parcel of the ALL ONE, nothing exists without that PRESENCE. It is we who should attune ourselves and learn to live in harmony with the Ever Present. Everything that lies within our existence, seen or unseen, is a part of the whole.

Love Eternally,
Spirit Dove

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