November 23, 2017
Esoteric Books


When there are new books, writings, poems, UFO movies or pictures on my website I will make an announcement of it here. If you want you can also receive these announcements by e-mail by subscribing to my Newsletter.

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David Wilcock: The Ascension Mysteries | Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil

New film of David Wilcox  .2016   . Is on my Folder .  were   ? All videos  .  posted today  . 12-08-2016

very very interesting film  


more ufo films in 2017 New ufo films 2017 uploaded

     I made a new folder   Ufo material  ufo Videos fot download  .  it is called  2017 New ufos    .  have alook if you like  .  art

ufo film posted not long ago.

have a look if you like  .  go to this link   art  . 

 do you like my site  pls send me a mail  .  somtime  . art

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