August 18, 2018
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New Ufo . From 2 years ago By Lou Canola - July 14, 2018

The UFo film . Is in Lou canolas Folder . with the date  2016-07-14 .  In the map  Ufo Videos download.  

You will have to search for awhile.  But you find it  .  Very Conclosieve Evidence  . Of being life Piloted.  Art 

Spirit communication With Kinect Camera. Sure proof Of spirit Energie - June 17, 2018

Hi All my friend     Got a breakthrough .  With a gadget that is called Kinect Camera  .  It is socalled a play toy  .  but it shows  Our inner Energie fields .  So also spirit energie in the house,  if they are there  .  The  camera did not work no more  . because  microsoft , who build it , took the support away  . from the old type kinect  .  so the drivers did not work no more  .  now Sylvia  . that medium in england  .  got it working again  .  by importing the soft ware on it , from windows 7 .  very smart move on her part  . and she got mine working again as well  .  Now saterday i try it out  , i saw my own spirit moving my legs  And arms  .  But i was sitting still , as a dead man  ,  but they kept moving  . so that must have beenmy spirit energie .  Then on saturday night i put the camera on at 6 pm  .  let a run  ,  then at 8 pm . i heard Annie in my head  . tel me to go to the computer, that she was coming on  .  so i went , And i said 2 chars ready , right away an other entity .  came in the second chair  .   so i started to ask questions  . but did not get signals or anything  .  i kept asking  , (wanted to verify it was Annie  .  then about 20 min later  . i ask Annie to put her hand  in my hand  , And after a few tries she did  .  And then i was sure it was annie  .  because i could feel her energie  . go throught my whole body  .  And i was overcome  with emotion  .  it is all on film  . I try to cut the first . 2/3 part of the film  Away . but after , i did the film went from 1.7gb . to 5.7 gb  /  bigger instead of smaller  . so i send the origional to you with we transfer  .  So  thefirst 1.13 part of the video you can skip  .  then go to the last part  . with the  spirit figures show up.  from 1..13 .  they start abou counter 1.14.5 .  . enjoy  .so the  figures you see moving  , Is spirit Energie  .  That is what this camera can do  .  Art.  The film is lokated  in a new folder . Called  Kinect sittings by art  .This folder is located in the Map Spirit pictures and films to proof spirits are real/   

questions en answers from me - May 29, 2018

 Do any of you  need questions answered  . pls mail me  to  . i will try to answer via mail.   

Thank you for visiting  my website   art. 

Unified field Physics Our being part of All there is - May 04, 2018

Every human being on this planet  Should try to understand this  .  Than finally we will live in Peace And harmony.   art .

I will ad the film to the videos  . as well.  Art.  


New Ufo film Url - May 04, 2018

Art 04-05-2018  . Give you  2   url of these Ufos  taking  recently  , 

   Please watch this  Announcement page  . 2018 Mor often   because i will be posting Urls.  Of live films .

Because i lost my movie converter.  So i show them this way  . Henderson USA , seems to be a hot spot for Ufos , Because if you scroll through my film  , You will run into this city often  . With Ufo Sithings .    Art 


Ufo filmed over mexico city . With a mexican webcam - April 08, 2018

Hallo every one .  I filmed an ufo  today . over mexico city . The object appears  at the frame number 27.10  .

You find it in the folder  .  Ufo- material- Ufo Videos .  Ufo film 2018  .  You can look at the whole film  . to see all the objects filmed  . but the strange object starts at frame number 27.10  .  Art.

Medium Laverne Craven - April 03, 2018

Laverne Craven  TRANFIGURATION MEDIUM  , is back  with Material  , on my website  

Under the heading   Spiritmaterial-medium Laverne Craven  In the folder  Esotericbooks and Videos.  Today  Art 

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