November 15, 2019
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Special Corner - Ken Mills Wise Words From Ken September 14, 2010

Wise Words From Ken

Dear Friends.

I read the recent words of Wayne's and am reminded of the words that say Everything in its time; Everything goes round, A beginning and an ending.

It seems we are but dots in the great landscape we call earth and on which we dwell for a second or two. Some men try to dominate it, some try to change it others do their best to destroy it, yet it remains as tolerant as ever to all these intruders.

I wonder at times if life is perhaps a testing period for each of us to see if we have the makings of what is required to take our place at some future time in another realm that maybe very different to this period when this planet has travelled through this present roadway and starts to travel a different direction, I am sure you all remember what wonderful stories we read in that great book that drew us together.

I simply have to believe that things are meant to be different than they seem, that the reality is different if we can only see with a different sight, hear with a different ear, and even touch with a different feeling.

Each of us have seen heard or felt a sense of what we call spirit, if we deny this experience than we have truly nothing we can hold onto that takes us beyond the evil that pervades the earth today, there has to be another way not just for us but for those coming after us.

Dr, King had a dream and I feel we must also dream a dream.



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