October 21, 2019
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Special Corner - Ken Mills Mans Unknown Journey January 31, 2010

Original Date: 10-11-2003

We are all on this fabulous journey into the unknown, each have their own blue print or roadmap to lead them to this Promised Land. Mankind is at the moment the end product of an evolving cosmic scheme and not a creation of some anthropomorphic God. Religion in its truest sense is a part of life and we all respond to it one way or another.
Many of us followed a dogmatic creed based on a man made God who threatens those who do not obey this creed.  There was also in this picture a rival deity who had equal power.
Thankfully many of us have found ways of escaping this picture and discovered a better understanding of the original cause of life and to some degree feel free, however many then got caught up in another type of dogmatism.
How do we find this true freedom we all seek and be sure we are on the right path, it seems that the Way is open to all if we only seek this knowledge and test it by the Inner Self that connects to the Cosmic Consciousness which we all have regardless of any outer influence.
The Mind cannot exist apart from the Divine creative Mind of the Universe therefore we are an integral part of Gods mind or this creative force we so name.
We like the Universe are complex and beyond our full understanding in our present evolvement.
Sages old and modern give encouragement to take part in this journey for the promises are great and delightful if only we care to take part.   Therefore be careful of thy every thought for it has wings. That there is a purpose for the mind to take this journey is clear when we start to unravel the constant barrage from without and listen to the mind within.
Socrates discovered, knowledge and understanding come from within, by deduction a pupil may be led by his teacher to reason the answers for himself and thus increase his mental consciousness.
If we were to understand the inner secrets of the Christian Bible by using our heart and inner consciousness we would discover many truths hidden there.  These have been denied us with the dogmatism of the Church leaders.
There is an ancient science as taught by Pythagoras of Samos in 470 B.C. it is the study of Numbers and the Alphabet symbolism. The ancient wise men were skilled in their mysterious acquaintance with profundities.   Laotze. 604 B.C. Well take what you will it is my offering to this journey of understanding.

Ken Mills

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