May 19, 2022
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Special Corner - Dave's Writings The Migration of the Isrialites from Egypt January 15, 2010

Original Date: 1999


I've thought about Moses many times over the years, and the Faithist departure from Egypt. All the millions of people and the journey they made, with a huge army chasing them. Ending with no place to go but drown, be killed or worse in a way taken back to Cairo and slavery. Yet no one was lost.
Here are some thoughts I've received. Based on facts within Oahspe. I'm going to try and write as logical and realistic as I possibly can on what could have taken place. Please be patient with me. This is my first attempt in putting thoughts as important to-day as they were 3450bk years ago, on paper
This migration led by the GOD INOAL, working with millions of GODS and GODDESSES was perhaps the most dramatic, and smoothly executed manipulation of millions of people for one of the most important reasons in the history of the Earth. These very qualified angels, Etherean once from Earth, oversaw all the preparations; materials, food, clothing, weather, the route to travel, protection, order and system, and were the instigators of an earthquake and tidal surge. To name a few of the amazing feats they performed. The Faithists as a result, through inspiration made carts, clothing, footwear, urns for storage, the order of communication in travel, and much more. All done in secret, and stored in secret. It could be possible that the parents could have been told to abstain from any physical contact for a period of five years. This would make the youngest perhaps four years old on the journey. They would be far more independent and stronger when the time came. The Faithist parents certainly had enough incentive. Through inspiration the Egyptians were actually excited when they left. Living so far was very good, they had gone through very trying times with the Faithists, and were glad to see them go. So far.
When the Faithists first started, They needed animals, asses, camels, goats. sheep, horses, cows or anything else, for pulling carts, carrying women and children and for milk(?). They had a few. The Egyptians gave them more because of fear.
Let's say they were divided into families of about 1500 to a group, led by an elder and disciplined by fathers. There were 2500 groups. So many groups to a rab'bah. Some groups had children from 5 to 14 years old, with older mothers and sisters. Groups before and after these children were older fathers, mothers and elders. They were to set up camps after arrival and prepare for the start and finish of the day. The young men were runners or riders. They scouted ahead and behind, cleaned up the camps used, dug holes and covered the main deep holes from the previous camp. They rode ahead for any information or instructions, and to keep in touch generally. They also filled the water vessels and packed the tents and the supplies used. Some packed camels and asses, others carts. Each group had animals and carts packed with extra clothing, shoes, medical supplies and parts. There were men and women trained in herbs and healing wounds and foot sores.
Some 3500 years ago the road traveled by the Faithists was far more fertile than it is to-day. There were many more watering areas, bushes, scrub trees and grazing lands. The road was wide and well traveled. The angels covered the sky with clouds to keep the heat away during the day and fire to give heat at night. Also each day when the columns stopped at the end of the day, it rained, to wash the body and clothes, to water down the animals, and to fill the water vessels. At times oasis water to wash clothes, drink and bathe in. There was also ample grazing land for the animals.
FOOD- Being vegetarian, there would be large areas for dates, berries, a type of grain for bread, fruits and other vegetables unknown to us. Perhaps they packed wild rice and other dried food. Whatever, you can be sure that the angels had it all prepared, and ready.
It would be logical to assume that the road was close as possible to the Mediterranean Sea. If nothing else but for humidity and cool breezes. They also passed through large cities and met many people, who no doubt knew who they were, and, where they were going.
Lets just say this was the general way that millions of people and animals moved on their way for over four years. You read about this fantastic feat without really realizing the system and organization it took, and how amazing it was. Don't forget this was 3550BK years ago.
It took 12 days for the whole column of 4,150,000 men, women, children, animals, carts and everything else to pass Moses and Aaron, camped on high ground for all to see.
This would mean that 345,833 people passed per day, 14410 per hour, 240 per minute and 4 very second. 3 miles per day at .25 mph. The length of the column would be approximately 36 to 50 miles. Let's also assume the average day throughout the entire trip was a 12 hour walking day for 4 days. From the start of the departure to the crossing at Shakelmarath it took four years two hundred and seven days. This would be 1625 days, (very close), or 232 weeks. Let' also say the column made 3 miles per day, 4 days per week or total miles for 232 weeks would be 2784 miles covered.
Where did they go for 2784 miles? Moses was told to go west. The children of the Faithists who departed from bondage in Egypt, 3550BK years ago would continue to go west to the west coast of Guatama in the Kosmon Era.
Moses and the Faithists went 2784 miles west across northern Africa to the north-western tip, directly across from the Strait of Gibraltar and what is to-day Spain. At that time perhaps 10 miles wide. 5 miles of hard packed beach and 5 miles of water, between Africa and Europe.
Packed sand bottom at least 5 miles wide east-west and no deeper than 10 fathoms. The bottom would be no more than a 3% grade. The channel on the European side sloped no more than 5% toward a hard packed sand beach. No more than 1 mile away. The beach was at least 5 miles wide and 5 miles inland. Behind the beach grew short timber and bush vegetation.
It ran inland over 5 to 15 miles wide. Abundent in fruit trees, nut trees, date trees, berries, name it. A sheltered cove or bay with the mountain, (Gibraltar), on the ocean side. This was their destination, Shakelmarath.
There were 10 columns. Each column about 415,000 strong, 200'wide and 4 miles long.
As each column approached the beach on the Africa side. They would be directed to the far west perimeter and led to the waters edge. Each column equaled 41500 people times 10 sections, equals 415,000 people 1 mile deep, about 2000' wide, side by side. All facing the water. This was done 10 times. The last were the the Levites on east side. This would mean that there were 4,150,00 people, carts, and animals.
The total was over a mile deep and up to 5 miles wide. All were looking at 5 miles of water they had to cross in lets say 12 hours or about .41 miles per hour, (2640'), to the distant beach.
Now lets see what the Egyptions are doing.
At first they were in a state of disbelief, shock, and a bit of fear. But, they were the greatest. What was nearly four million honest, clever, craftsmen and women, who actually built most of what they had. They didn't have to look over their back because they didn't kill. They were trustworthy, and they were cheap. They lived in shacks yet they were very clean. They were immune to a lot of different dreaded diseases. In simple English, the mighty Egyptions missed what they had, and wanted them back. They were in limbo. Pharaoh, after a lot of complaints said. "Enough is enough, they are mine, I am a god in mortal form, my soldiers are fed up with making bricks, etc., etc., I want them back. They've been gone over 3 years. As I've been told by my scouts, caravans and cities that they have gone through, they are foot sore discouraged and hungry. Now they will be glad to get back to their home. Period and Amen." I guess this fits the saying that you never miss what you have until you haven't got it. So the mighty Egyption army mobilized and took to the road, all say 200,000 strong. They could march 50 miles a week, in a little over a year after getting mobilized they would overtake them, and they did. They were looking at them.
It would be impossible to describe the scene. Over 4 million unarmed, footsore, terrified people with no-where to go. Confronted by a very angry footsore, frustrated and determined Egyption army on chariots and foot. Overlooking the whole scene was the Pharaoh. Perhaps he stood on the same high ground that Moses stood on only hours before. He could see his strong army all 200,000 spread out for 5 miles. He could also see a 5 mile line of a mass of people that awed him by the sheer numbers. The last columns were just plodding up a rise over 9 miles away. The sandy bench was well packed and trampled by over four million feet. Perhaps he thought this. "There is supposed to be water on this beach, this is what the scouts said. There is a strong wind blowing east toward the sea, (Mediterranean), yet calm here and to the west, what difference does it make, I have them now, nothing can stop me".
The old Pharaoh was a good man and a reasonably clever one. Nughan his successor was not. Moses knew him all his life. He was arrogant, stubborn and ruthless, and not too bright. He should have remembered the trouble that he had over four years ago with Moses. He was so determined for revenge. He should have seen and felt that all is not right. The helpless Faithists were well organized and going in a very calm orderly way. They were also over 9 miles away on open ground. Perhaps he thought he would advance his army on a steady slow pace so that the Faithists could see what was coming. Savor the moment. Maybe they ate and rested first. Forward they went at an even moderate pace. What ever a tyrant was, a tyrant still is. Brave when facing the innocent and unarmed. The scene was set and all the players in their proper place.
Before Pharaoh and his mighty army arrived, the Faithists were well aware that he was only hours away. They were all bunched up on a beach with nothing in front of them but water. Earlier,(days), the runners had gone well ahead and scouted the beach, this is why they were able to give details of the beach and back country to Moses and the rab'bahs.
Moses stood on high ground and said JEHOVIH would deliver them this day as promised and Pharaoh would follow them no more. Terrified many complained, others were silent, others wept, most prayed. Moses went to the head of the column on the far west, raised his staff and said "let's go forward". The tide was going out and it just kept going. As a result dry land. This was all they needed. Spread out across five miles were, the chief rab'bahs, then the elders properly positioned at intervals and then the Faithists. Aaron walked in the middle at the front and led the pace. When Moses reached the other side he found high ground for all to see. He waved them on. They Perhaps sang as they went. Runners stayed at the road. When they say the army they rode fast to the back of the column and the message was passed. When Pharaoh and his army appeared they had far less than a mile to go. The last were mostly camels, carts, horses and a young men who could speed up if they had to. When they saw Pharaoh's army they were told to be silent. Moses said all would be well, JEHOVIH promised. One could assume that they were not so tired or footsore. They moved right along, very close behind Aaron, who walked along quite unconcerned.
The Faithists were assisted by literally millions of angels. The Faithists were inspired to belief, strength, calmness after MOSES rebuked them. Their walk was easy and their mind clear.
ETHEREANS High Raised and experienced, were stationed in areas along the Atlantic coast. Fully aware of observations made thousands of years ago. Knew of the continental shelf and the faults, and of the shifting processes. They knew exactly what to do, and exactly the right time to do it. They caused an earthquake at the right place, miles north, which caused a fast, deep ebb tide in the channel. The place of the tremor to be.
The shifting caused a fault to open later, again at exactly the right time at say 45 degrees from the shifting main fault.
When The water on the outgoing ebb tide was drawn into the main fault. The Faithists could see dry land. They were clear to move ahead ..
Hours later when Pharaoh's army was perhaps a mile or two from the channel, the smaller fault to the Mediterranean opened up and the surge followed. The result, within minutes, of the tremor, a huge tidal surge, say 50 feet high, and wind. The entire Faithist columns were well back and high on the beach within the protection of the cove.
After Pharaoh felt the tremor and saw the tidal surge coming, and the gale wind, it was over in minutes. Within hours the water was calm. There was no army, no nothing. Only a terrified mortal god, his personal guard, horses, camels, and asses and a lot of supplies and spares weapons, and horrible quiet. The Faithists felt a small tremor, saw the wall of tidal water and felt the wind. I assume they were a little damp from spray and wind but otherwise all right. They also had millions of angels as protectors.
Pharaoh and what was left of his army went home to Cairo.
To save what pride he had left, the whole thing was changed as much as possible in favor of the Egyptians. To this day 3550bk years later the whole truth has really never been known, until we were given Oahspe, 150 years ago.
These Faithists who were slaves for so long were free. They were in a new world barely settled. It had far more than they or their ancestors ever imagined or dreamed for. It was free of warring ruthless kings and rulers. It was fertile, very beautiful and a comfortable climate. Jehovih had indeed given them a paradise to settle and live in peace.
From this cove the Faithists migrated north to what is now Spain and France and along the coast to the Baltic Sea and east to Russia. Some east to the Adriatic Sea and even perhaps as far as the Black sea. Not all Faithists stayed on the west and north side of the Alps. Some possibly returned to the middle east, Italy and into Arabia. They lived in peace for perhaps 400 years. Some married the local people and prospered as wondering tribes for 1000 years.
At that time thousands of Faithists were inspired to migrate west again. They in turn married descendants of the original Faithists. New pure seed. From them, English, French, German nationalities in western and eastern Europe were created, including Russia.
Oahspe will fill in the actual times and dates. Why is the truth of this fantastic feat not given in full detail? Read and evaluate yourself. West is west, not east, and is said many times on Oahspe and so is a lot more.
Its no wonder when Moses sang thanks to Jehovih, he could well imagine the terror of the kings and rulers in the middle east when they were finally told.
If this is where the migration took place, and I'm sure it is. What better location to start west to Guatama in the right time and way.


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