May 26, 2019
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Special Corner - Susan Griffin One with our Creator Meditation March 03, 2011

One with our Creator Meditation

We come together to receive the Creation's glory so that we may transcend into another dimension of light, love, and harmony. To become one with our Creator is the ultimate moment of joy and revelation. We each experience so many different feelings and images of sheer beauty that our eyes well up with tears. This moment of becoming one with not only our Creator but also with each other that we desire so much more, and these are definitely moments of sheer enlightenment.

Going so deep into a state of meditation causes one to see many images of colorful beings who lived on this Earth so many centuries ago and then the images of nature and how it can be so beautiful and so inviting. The crystal clear flowing stream that is so full of life that when we reach for it and touch its magical energy, we feel so energized and begin to unfold displaying the Creation's glory. We then sing words of praise that resonate so clear into the heavens that the Eternal Light shines so brightly that it lights our way forever on a journey that will last an eternity. We must forever and into Eternity keep the Light of our Creator as our shining beacon of protection, guidance, love, harmony, and hope.

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