May 26, 2019
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Special Corner - Susan Griffin Life and Motion within Creation February 26, 2011

Life and Motion within Creation

  Being a Part of it All


To experience life in all its power and glory is the ultimate experience in being a part of Creation.  How can anyone share in this powerful creative energy that is so much a part of every living thing on this planet we call home?  First, I stop, take a deep breath, relax, and become silent.  Second, I let the cosmic energy flow in and become one with the powerful energy extending out into the farthest realms of the Universe and beyond.


As this most powerful energy flows in, it generates my very being in becoming a part of it All.  The ebb and flow of life is so much a part of every living thing that to lose that most powerful connection breaks one off into a downward spiral of tears and darkness.  So, all humans must always seize the moment to breathe in the Creator’s energy.  When do we “seize” the moment?  Every moment from the time we go to sleep at night and the instant we wake up in the morning – that most powerful creative energy is there surrounding all with its eternal love.


This life-giving energy which creates all life and motion can be seen in all its glory in observing Nature in so many ways; such as, a colorful mama bird building her nest in preparation of laying her eggs.  Where did she learn to build that nest of such simple building materials?  Did she go to school?  Nope, the direct inspiration coming from her Creator gets her going and in no time her nest is ready for her babies.  Then there is the sunflower that in all its bright yellow radiance follows the light emanating from the sun.  The sunflower “knows” that to follow the Light means Life and Motion so as to continue its abundance.


There are so many creatures building magnificent structures without attending a school or college of learning and yet they know the meaning of becoming One with their Creator that brings forth amazing feats and leaves all who see them speechless as to how it is accomplished with nothing more than their tiny body to listen, put forth, and accomplish.  This feeling of enlightenment can also be felt by us humans when we seize the moment and bring in the Life and Motion of our Creator and become One with so many that already have become a part of it.     

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