May 19, 2022
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Special Corner - Dave's Writings Kosmon - Than and now January 15, 2010

Original Date: 01-13-2001

First Some Various Causes for wars should be mentioned, not because of documentation, but for comparison in this little article. Some are; For land to live on, for wealth, for power, for religious differences and any reason that some power at the time seems logical. We all know about wars and the devastation and sorrow that results because of them. They are all very well documented in every library and museum in the world, complete with statues, pictures and plaques.
      To write about what has been accomplished in every field would take years for expert minds to write volumes of books. Generally speaking, we are growing faster, better and more humane in every generation. Most free countries have a far better standard of living than ever before and are collectively trying to help those countries less fortunate, even the ones still very hostile.
      Why can't we be given the stability and the goodness to develop our minds, spirits and moral direction in working together for a better and peaceful life now and in preparation for the future for everyone on earth regardless of who they are?
There is nothing wrong with our intelligence, courage, ambitions and drive. All we need is a lesson in morals, humility and spiritual direction that fits the times and conditions for us, from a power greater than anything on earth.
      How can we have a united and a sustaining peace when there are four divided great religious beliefs that in no way can be made into one unless all are destroyed by war and great destruction. That is what is happening to-day all over the earth. It would seem logical that if we believe a greater power up there is doing something, then maybe we should try and find out what it is. We have never had the technical knowledge in the history of the earth that we have to-day, and it's for sure we didn't dream it up by ourselves. To think we did and still are is pure vain ignorance.
      Have the four great religions served their purpose? It would seem logical that they have. All that we have believed in for thousands of years in each religion will not be destroyed, they all have to be updated for higher and better truths. They have led billions of people toward powers greater than ourselves. Each in it's own way has obviously satisfied the intelligence of just about everyone on earth, otherwise there would be no spiritual belief in anything. We certainly are progressing, so to speak in a heavenly direction.
      We are not isolated in different countries any more. We can communicate not only in voice but in actual pictures anywhere on earth within seconds. So, again obviously the power or powers that gave us the inventions we now have are systematically in exacting detail guiding us. All we have to do is to believe.
      We need a spiritual awakening, enlightenment, rejuvenation, an up-to-date platform, call it whatever you like.
We have to realize that we can't find peace unless we have a unified and accurate change for the better. We have to update, expand, not eliminate, in some way, all our spiritual beliefs. We have to have access to: SOMETHING that fits what we need now, easily available, that can be given in such a way to protect privacy, is in plain language that can be easily understood, that the only conditions are truth and a greater understanding. Some kind of spiritual guidance that can be ABSOLUTELY AND COMPLETELY PROVEN, that's vital. Perhaps the most important point, is a seeking desire that has to come from within. Something that you as a individual truly want, and are more than willing to freely look and work for. It's given in a way that the individual understands that it's your own I AM, it's you, talking to you. If you can come to believe that, then the answer in the right time, through inspiration will surely come, in the proper way and time. Never forget all we were given on earth is FREEDOM, CHOICE AND RESPONSIBILITY.
      If to-day you walked down any street in any city on the earth, and say you are a Faithist and believe in OAHSPE to anyone that passes you the chances are they wouldn't have a clue what your talking about. In democratic countries you may get a curious look, sneer or occasionally "No, what is it", or "It's some devil worship". If you were in some countries you could possibly be arrested, killed, or tortured as a heretic. It's not easy to believe in something especially spiritual if no one has heard about it. Even Faithists within the family, such as husbands, wives, children, relations and friends, to name a few. The family will perhaps know the names because of you, but in no way are interested in the book or what is written in it. This can give a very separating and frustrating feeling if the I AM within a novice Faithist doesn't stand firm. To believe in most cases that the love and respect shared by all within the family is greater than in a belief they don't understand nor want to is the basis for a good start. If they are content with what they have or believe in. In time all will be made clear. Remember freedom of choice. All is from within. Like attracts like, it has to be.
THEN AND NOW: The Indian Wars and Slavery, have be mentioned.
      Millions of people lived in a comparative peaceful co-existence for thousands and thousands of years in North and South America and Africa. In Africa, South and Central America they believed in SPIRIT POWERS in NATURE. In North and parts of Central America the Indian believed in ONE SUPERIOR POWER, MANITO, and in death all lived in the Happy Hunting Ground in heaven. The vast and sparsely populated regions of North America were ripe for more people. From the crowded, and dictatorial regions of Europe after the western continents were located and explored, there was immediate migration. This new, rich and vast world was just what was needed. There was only one drawback. It was populated. The local populace were branded as savages and were systematically taken care of. The bow and arrow were no match for the rifle, bayonet and the cannon.
      The result was millions were killed. There was complete domination of North America, Central America and South America. Savages were taken care of by so called civilized Christians.
      Then comes the plantation owners that needed cheap labor, preferably slave, people that could work in hot climate. Africa was the perfect choice for recruits. Thousands were captured from their homes and chained then shipped like cattle to North America. We all know the rest.
      To-day the slaves are free and in just about every high office and owners of just about every type of business in the United States. They are now free, Americans, once Africans. After a bitter, long and bloody struggle. Everything is getting more accepted, better and freer in every generation.
      The original owners or Indians of the United States and Canada are gradually getting back some of the land that was brutally lost. They are trying to manage their new found wealth and property as best as they are able, with helping hands. I'ts hard having been suppressed for so long to suddenly be in a position of power and wealth. There are still many that live in terrible conditions. It will take time and a lot more understanding, work and true feelings in all parties that are involved for true respect and a brother, sister love attitude.
The continuing desire to do right in some way is positive. People all over the planet are slowly learning to work together in a systematic and relatively peaceful way.
      Kosmon, the name at the beginning of this little article is from a book called OAHSPE . A new Bible, a door and school. If we believe in powers greater than ourselves, then this Bible, this book opens the door to the school for Faithist Angels to teach through inspiration mortals who read and study Oahspe how to understand what they are reading and studying. To be able to know who the CREATOR is and what HE has done, past, present and the future, also to know who and what we are, our past, present and our future. It teaches what the I AM is in each of us. How to open your mind to unbelievable worlds ahead of us. How to be a FAITHIST.
A Faithist is an angel or a mortal that believes in one and only ONE SUPREME CREATOR. In OAHSPE some of the titles written are: in this era, JEHOVIH, THE I AM, in past times EOLIN, E-O-IH, ELOIH, EGOQUIM, ORMAZD and THE I AM.
      In this age millions, young and old, everywhere on earth who work in appalling places and conditions, especially in African countries for nothing but the will to improve some mortals reasons for living, even under the threat of being shot, because of who they are and what they are doing in love and sacrifice toward their fellow brothers and sisters. People, everywhere that are good and loving parents. People in industry that want better working and living conditions. People in governments and private that want better laws for peace, freedom and sharing. Who fight pollution and toxic wastes. Who are working for disarmament, better health aid, care for the aged, better laws for the protection of children, women, and much more in just about every country.
      Religious organizations of all different beliefs who are working everywhere including the slums and poor districts in just about every major city on earth. They work with their hands and hearts for relief of the sick, the drug addicts, the drunkard, giving food, shelter and clothing freely, and do much, much, more. Most are volunteers. They pray to powers greater than themselves for true and lasting relief for everyone, the living and the dead.
People all over the planet are steadily going in one unified direction. Doubts and uncertainty are creeping into all religions in every country. Not necessarily because they are bad but because we need more. I think it was Julius Caesar that said he could conquer everything but the free spirit. If we could just take the good in each religion here and combine them into one single belief, it would be a giant step, but we can't. Each religion and their followers believe they are right and the others are wrong.
      At the command of JEHOVIH to HIS HIGH RAISED ANGELS, a new BIBLE, called OAHSPE, meaning Earth, Sky and Space has been given to us for this era in our history called KOSMON. In the right time and way it will be received and happily accepted, not because you have to but because you want to. Some proof is in the work now done by millions as illustrated above. They are Faithists, only they are not aware of it. They only know what they are doing comes from within. People are getting fed up with talk and more talk, wars, that corrupt governments says is the last, in fear of atomic disaster, pollution, and much more, and are in their own mind and way doing something about it the only way they can.
      If Oahspe is what it's said to be, it would be just about impossible for the great religions we now believe in to accept. Why? Because they can only speak of the heavens around the earth. Oahspe not only talks about the heavens around the earth in detail, past and present, but in detail about places and the wonders about heavens so vast it is beyond our limited comprehension. Also about the angels that live there. Most important to us on earth it is a place and places where we all will someday dwell, not as slaves or inferior to these older and much wiser angels, some from earth, but as brothers and sisters. Living without fear and doubt with an endless challenging future. OAHSPE also says or teaches a great deal more. If what has been written is true, there is no doubt that in the right time and way everything will be proven. PROOF AND FAITH: What about the things we take for granted? The everyday things like flying, driving a car, going to malls that have just about anything you want for sale, all kinds of sports, schools, where and what people do to earn a living. We put our lives at risk perhaps dozens of times a day, and that's people who live in safe and protected areas. What about those on the oceans, over them, and deep down in them, or those who fly aircraft. Sometimes alone or with hundreds of passengers thousands of feet in the air.
      We have faith in the people that build airplanes, cars, boats, buses, and the roller coaster. We have faith in the milk in milk cartons, food cartons, cans, vegetables, all the things we eat and drink, machines, clothes, food and everything else that entails someone, somewhere. People we'll never meet face to face. We have faith and we're proving it that those people know what their doing. We live in proof in just about everything. Proof and faith is never greater than the men and women that go into space. They can live there for at least a year. We have unmanned probes that can reach the farthest planets in our universe. Don't you think it's about time for us to up-date our spiritual faiths and proofs here on earth and realize that all the wonders we now have came from a power far greater than any we now worship.?
      Is Oahspe the beginning of such an understanding? Let1 see if we can prove it with the machines we trust and knowledge we now possess.
      We have submarines that can go to the bottom of the deepest part of any ocean on earth. If Pan did exist and was as big as it is portrayed in Oahspe, and was submerged only 25,000 or so years ago there should be some evidence to prove it. If there were civilizations on earth that have not been discovered yet, and new discoveries are made all the time, then there are archaeologists that will find them complete with written evidence that verifies the data in Oahspe. If this isn't enough Oahspe also says that the dead will appear to the living and talk, drink and prove that they are who they say they are. That many other events and people will also make themselves known. Once and for all it will show that miracles alone are not grounds for worshiping some spirit. The many, many everyday routines and technological advancements we have to-day just a hundred years ago were miracles to the people living at that time.
      Take three machines. Radio, television, and the computer. Compare these three machines to the most intricate, fascinating and greatest gift we now have. It's been proven in it's value and it's remarkable potential every day. Our BRAIN. Without it we would not be here, we all know that. Electricity is a proven fact. Our brain receives and sends electrical impulses on isolated frequencies, in micro seconds, this also is a fact, so do the three machines listed above. The brain is only using a fraction of it's capability, so do the machines listed above.
If Oahspe is true and the spirit comes from the head, that's were the brain is. It would therefore seem logical that the brain is the soul.
      The computer. It sends and receives on isolated frequencies. It can print in color. It can speak in any language. It can communicate with other computers anywhere on earth and in space, and thousands of other services within a fraction of a second. This instrument operates space stations and space unmanned satellites. In the age we now live in it simply runs everything on earth and heaven. It operates with the data stored in it's memory banks put there by men and women on earth. It is a mortal made brain. It operates exactly like the human brain.
The difference is life, immortality. In Oahspe it says that the spirit brain or the living rarefied data banks, will form a body exactly as it was on earth, but can make it perfect.
      In this age of tremendous enlightenment why can't we mortals that are supposed to be more broad minded and democratic a who truly seek some kind of answers from some heavenly source give the powers that are the authors of Oahspe the benefit of doubt that they may know a lot of things we on earth don't. Then maybe try and find out where they can obtain the new BIBLE called Oahspe and read it, don't scan it, study the contents the way it should be studied. I guess most of all the student should be prepared to take it on the chin, meaning accept what it says we are. If at that time the conclusions are negative, just as I did, lay the "book" down on some dusty shelf, until you are inspired to pick it up, blow off the dust and get down to some serious concentration and inspiration. It's for sure you will some day. The authors of the religions we now believe in, are working tirelessly now in heaven and truly would appreciate any help that they can get.
We on earth made the mess we're in and have no right to tell pure powers how, where and when to get us out of it. Perhaps we have to go deep enough in our own man made misery to really appreciate lasting good not if but when it comes.
      What's written above is what I truly believe. Oahspe has just to many answers in exacting detail in to many areas to be anything but the what it says it is. A new BIBLE written for the people of earth in this era, who are supposed to have the intelligence to understand truth when it's given. CONCLUSIONS: A Faithist is not supposed to talk about themselves. For what I now have to say there is no other way. For the last 36 years, and I believe that to be the right time, with just a book called Oahspe and my little brain I became a Faithist, not too pure or clever, but constitutionally true to a belief that practically no one has heard of. I've only met one Faithist and that was for a couple of hours. If there are only a thousand Faithists in the six billion or so people that live on earth, then I guess that is the way it is. If Oahspe has been suppressed, and I believe it has, it's because we on earth aren't willing and ready from within to accept anything greater than what religions we now have, It's too bad that so many believers are willing to die or kill for what they believe in and not willing to even look at something that could be better with no pain mentally or physically, given or expected. A belief for all of us regardless of where you live and who and what you are. If anyone has a better way to live and die in peace say so, a Faithist is more than willing to listen. At 70, It really is comforting to look forward to or going over to the other side when your supposed to, and leave here with good feelings with and for a lot of loved ones, that I'll be able to see again. I can dream up so many questions and meet so many people, hopefully some loggers and miners.


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