November 29, 2021
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Judgement (Poem) January 30, 2010

Sitting at my computer
Looking at the screen
Fingers on the keyboard
Feet all tucked in neat
I dawn my robes of judgment
The world now at my feet
And play the part of some great God
Upon the judgment seat

I watch the posted words
Come up upon my screen
And when I look at some of them
I feel that I should scream
They took my words of wisdom
And with a little twist
They typed in their opinions
As if mine didn't even exist

So now they all face judgment
And very low they go
I analyzed their little thoughts
And found grades from one to six
My words of wisdom I did reread
And a fair grade I did fix
The way I saw it from this seat
Was at least grade ninety-six

All other posts have faced defeat
And with my mouse
I click delete


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