May 19, 2022
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Special Corner - Dave's Writings From Dave January 15, 2010

Original Date: 10-26-2004

What I received the other morning  was really an experience in truth. The first part they used me and my  brain to think about  everything negative in just about everything including myself and Oahspe. It was horrible. Why would any powers that were pure and good ever do such a thing or even be capable of such thoughts?
The explanation was that in no way was it me or any of my thinking even deep down. It was given as the inner feelings of those poor unfortunates  in so many parts of the earth that have no other way of receiving anything else. because of all the darkness that engulfs them and their countries.
 For some time I have wondered how we as Faithists could possibly help those that are doing the terrible things to each other and innocent people and justifying it with some twisted ideology  that mesmerizes or whatever you want to call it to satisfy them? Do they all have to be taken over to the other side by one means or another to purify the causes of their actions? Widespread devastation ? They have no idea about the consequences that await them. That to me is not fair or just. They have nothing to choose from. The worst part is it is not centralized It is worldwide in various degrees.  
 There is a solution and can be implemented with absolutely no loss of life or harm in any way. In a way the horrible simulations given to me should be given to many, many more to really get the true feelings of how many people think. Could pretty well guarantee that something would be done in a very big hurry.
There are billions of good honest hard working people all over the earth that deserve an honest choice without the earth being engulfed in horrible great disasters like some kind of nuclear wars
There is an answer. There will be peace and all the good things that go with it. BUT we made the messes we are in and we will have to get out of some of it. It is all from within each of us. We will only be allowed to go so far and then we will  be shown the way but from within each of us with comparison and actual hard and dedicated work from Faithists. Just you wait and see. 

Better days ahead for all of us


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