May 19, 2022
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Special Corner - Dave's Writings The Family of the Sun January 15, 2010

Original Date: 10-29-2004

According to Oahspe in the Book of Ben, sometime called Book of Nine Entities, Being the Tree of All Light, or affectionately The Family of the Sun, gives a lot of detail on how it actually works up there. Again in Cosmogony and Prophecy there are eight (8) not nine (9) planets and the sun, making a total of nine. Pluto is not mentioned. It could well be a planet on the perimeter of another galaxy (?) connected to ours.
I have often wondered why Jehovih would make eight planets and we are the only one with life. That is ludicrous. Yet it may not be for very good reasons. The Creator did not make this Family for the purpose of a few warring earthlings to look up in the heavens on a clear night. Therefore are we coming or are we going? Did life start on Mercury and we will eventually evolved to Neptune and beyond, OR did we start on Neptune and we are evolving to Mercury. If it was the latter, that would mean we have two to go, by then we would be advanced enough to live there, meaning Venus would be our next stop. We on earth could be proving some of it to-day by way of two little billion dollar machines on Mars. Think about it Mars is now what the earth will be within say the next few thousand years. We at this time are not ready to understand Venus until HE is ready to tell us AND show us. Where did we evolve from?
Oahspe says that when the last to be risen from our heavens will continue to another planet made ready for us. Is he going to put another planet in orbit when there is already one there? This little conundrum is well worth thinking about. HE does everything for a reason. All in HIS TIME AND WAY. A lot more could be said, maybe later .
Oahspe may not be as outdated as some think.
Have a great day, Dave L



Hi Art
Now to dates and the times involved. In Cosmogony, chapter five, verses 19 to 21.
The se'muan age of man is approximately 76,750, (some guess),  years with one cycle of 3000 years which is the beginning of the fall of se'mu. That would equal say 80,000 or so years. The actual decrease of the axial revolution of the earth is about 100 minutes  or 3-340ths of a second annually. That means that the first race of man started some 78,000 years ago. Now we can ask what time factor was used ? It certainly wasn't the one we now live under. The answer is it doesn't really matter because the time are calculated from the time of Kosmon  in 1848 to 2004 AK. or 106 years ago. times 3-340 seconds times 106 equals 354 seconds or 5.90 minutes. So, my friend that is not really a big factor in the time remaining. So, lets say the time is 2000 years more or  less the 106 years ago that would be 1894 years for the last one to get on board. Now to get another point straight. This is the time of the se'muan age of man not the age of the earth or the time left before it goes back into the elements.
Hope this gives you a better idea. If you want to share this information go ahead. If those that read it believe in what is written in Oahspe, then that is the time we have left to get our act together.
 Oh yes here is another tidbit We say the earth is some four and a half billion years old. How is this calculated? Based on the revolutions we have to -day or on the times of the corpor of the earth or what? Oahspe says some 6 million years ago. One very big difference in calculations. We are right and Oahspe is full of errors.  Well now lets see.
When the earth was first made it rotated in space at a remarkable rate. As it cooled it slowed down. That is common sense. When it was capable of life it evolved to what it is revolving at to-day. That is fact. Therefore it is logical to assume that if the earth's rotation per day, at say1000 times a day to start with  GRADUALLY slowed to what it is to-day. Now if the student calculated the times and the proper slowing ratios one could well calculate 6 million instead of 4 1/2 billion. We if when we get to heaven get into a library that is capable of not only telling us but showing us that  the earth could well be 6 million years old and we have around 2000 years left.
Is Oahspe some outdated little book  that could satisfy those that lived 106 years ago. OR is it a gift given to us as a door of Prophecy that could possibly relate to us when we started and when we are finished.
Worth while thinking about.

Have a great day my friend

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