November 15, 2019
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Special Corner - Ken Mills Door November 30, 2012


I have a list of words that can lead to a poem or even a story such as WORD.

We have passed through many doors that lead to many services, a few will cost you money a few may endure pain and even ecstasy then another door maybe closed to you. Now there are of course many that are in different sizes and many hues a few have glass and even revolve to allow you in.

Of course every door you enter also allows exit. Perhaps is we look back at the doors one has entered a few strange stories may evolve.

There are of course many doors that are in fact just openings but we do not see them as such. These openings are put there for your personal experience to test you for your future and all that may involve. We often do not see these as doors for many occur out of the blue as though pre planned by some unseen hand that offer the individual his or her own fulfilment on the journey we all travel upon.

Many are induced to read books that tell a variety of stories, yet on reflection our own life can if we entered sufficient doorways offer the same excitement.

So if time allows you must try a few more doors no matter where they lead and maybe follow that unseen hand upon which our life depends.

Ken. 28/11/2012


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