May 19, 2022
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Special Corner - Dave's Writings Daves Vision January 15, 2010

Original Date: 10-25-2004

This AM was engulfed and that is the best word in again what I callsimulations only this one was of a negative nature and I may add in a very bigway.
I cut to pieces all that I have learned in some 73 years of my life. Everythingto do with Spiritual especially Oahspe and my stupidity of ever believing inanything so ridiculous. This included looking in a sense down on the earthand all on it.The black so intense that it was completely engulfed. Thenbacking off very far into space and engulfing the black reagons of outerspace. I wasn't afraid as I was awed. Then came back to earth above andsaw a glow of light behind the earth. Then small minute dots of light on theearth's surface. It started with what appeared to be one and then grew untilthe earth was completely covered with these small lights or dotsuntil the earth was completely engulfed or covered in light, BECAUSE thesedots were so close together, so united. The only black left was the areaoutside of the earth's circumference and it was shaded. There was more onlymore personal. Then I was given this explanation.
For all the negative and dark thoughts that were given to me and the horriblefeelings for just about everything and the FUTILITY that accompanies suchthoughts and feelings AND the emotion of fighting physically all that wastrying to do harm regardless of who it may be. Especially against my ownloved ones. Gradually was reassured of so many things positve in the past,present and future.
I will remember that feeling for a very long time and do all within me to fightnot to destroy but to believe in someone or something that can completelydestroy this blackness, this ignorance, this futility , this whatever. Oh yes,why me, Why am I so fortunate. Can certainly thank HIM and the Loo'is and Oahspe, (the book, bible, door and formula. Past , present and the FUTURE )Then was given reasons why this comparison was and is so important. If weall never had darkness we would all never really realize the immensegreatness of what being and growing is all about . BUT perhaps the greatestis where it all comes from and who it is as we all understand at thiis time inour new beginning. AND at this time we are far enough advanced within eachof us and our own little light that we do make a difference That we are theones that will change the near complete darkness about us to billions of dotsof light instead of billions of dots of our own darkness The proof is all withineach of us to do what we can not for each of us move mountains but perhapsa mole hill or two.
Yes it was quite a morning.

Have a good day my friend
Feel free to post this if you feel it worth while

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