May 19, 2022
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Special Corner - Dave's Writings Communication January 15, 2010

Original Date: 1999

Communication; It's an act of transmitting and receivinginformation using all or any methods available.

Frequency; Different radio, television, and other electromagnetictransmission that may broadcast or receive isolated frequenciesso that their signal information may be clear and distinct.All mass and matter emanate electrical impulses on isolatedindividual frequencies.

Electricity: A form of energy that can produce light, heat,magnetism and chemical changes which can be generated byfriction, induction or chemical changes.

Electro-biology. The science that deals with electrical phenomenaof living organisms.

Electroencephalograph. A device for recording brain waves.

Electroacoustics. A science that deals with sound in relationto electricity.

Electrograph. An instrument for sending pictures.
Geophone. An instrument that responds to vibrations of the earth,by timing seismic waves set up artificially by explosives. Itcan be used for exploring the composition of the earth's crustthrough which the electrical impulse waves pass.

THE BRAIN. The soft whitish and grayish mass of nerve tissueenclosed in the head or skull of vertebrate animals, consistingof nerve fibers and nerve cells, seven billion of them.From the dictionary. On and on it goes.

What I have tried to write so far is the transmission of electrical impulses on isolated frequencies. It doesn't matter what spiritual beliefs one may have. All have to agree that there are frequencies and they are some form of electricity. We tune in a radio and we hear someone or something. It comes from a little box and originates out there somewhere. You do the same thing to a television set, only it gives a picture in color and sound. We have computers that we can make pictures, see and talk to people anywhere on earth in an instant, and are capable of doing much, much more. We have telephones that can receive and send voice instantly anywhere on earth. In fact if one was to write what we can do with electrical impulses or frequencies, that seem to be without number, it would take books to explain just a little on this immense subject.

The reason for this report is to try and explain as I see and understand from the thoughts or inspirations that have been given to me. How does this method of communication we all have work. Basically it is fairly simple to understand, and in reality can actually be proven how we operate in our everyday life. How we all think and feel. How our economy works. Where thought comes from. Where all our futures are going. What kind of life we will live together. Will we all have peace and harmony? Why there are Einsteins, Madam Curries, Chopins, Salks, all great inventors, and inventions, great leaders and philosophers, and all horrible despots, killers, psychopaths. In general why we on earth are what we are. Where do our thoughts come from? Most important in a way is it necessary for us to be subjected to great good and great evil? Is there no better way?

We on earth are at the beginning of an never ending road, somehow to somewhere. How far in distance and time, no one regardless of where they are, or how powerful they are, on earth or in the infinite heavens, knows. The scheme of progress for all, has been drawn up by an author beyond description in love, wisdom and power. If anyone thinks any less they are to be pitied for their ignorance. In time they will be taught.

Our brain is perpetually sending and receiving electrical impulses on isolated frequencies from the moment of birth to our death here on earth and in the spirit for eternity. We were born innocent and ignorant. The lowest in frequencies, or at least the frequencies for US here on earth. All animals were born complete in their order, all except man and woman they are incomplete. We may never be complete, because we will never stop growing. This means that we, man and woman will never stop receiving and sending on isolated frequencies in methods and ways we can understand. The higher we grow the higher the frequencies we send and receive. We on earth did not invent one single thought. Every thought is external from us. We perpetually send and receive on isolated frequencies. This is how we grow through choice, knowledge and eventually wisdom of a power much higher than any of us. This is why we were given radio, television, and all manner of electrical inventions. We can now compare and understand how everything, everywhere works through frequencies by way of inspiration.

As the brain thinks and operates on earth it continues to operate in heaven in the SAME WAY AND ON THE SAME FREQUENCY. Like attracts like. In heaven angels are attracted to and are thus drawn to each other because they have no body to anchor the spirit. This happens to the good and the bad. They attune their thinking toward mortals who are inclined to think as they do. They are influenced by way of inspiration. If the mortal because of circumstances in life keeps thinking about vengeance, hate, greed, lust and power for self, the frequency they are on does not change it grows in power to a point that the mortal is completely overcome and is powerless to control his or her actions and becomes a pawn or slave. When such mortals die they drift to these gang groups and are welcomed with open arms. This is how they also gain power. This applies regardless of mortal age, race, color, or creed. LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. There are millions of these gangs all over the earth bound heavens. Thus the animal man and woman in body and in spirit is confined to the surface of the earth. This is how dictators of great power to-day on earth are controlled from the spirit and on earth. They use any method or deadly horrid means for absolute power. All they need on earth are select men and women who think as they do to enforce discipline through fear and any deadly method to intimidate and suppress. In this way power grows from door to door, then to villages, to cities, then countries big and small. We see this happening to-day all over the earth, all for the same purpose for some evil dictator or ruler to be in control. Ignorance, they all end the same way.

We may ask why is such power Given if we can not handle it. We are handling it. Who says it has to be all good or all bad. The reason is man and woman of the earth and the earth's heavens. We are the beast, the devil, satan, no one else. We have a choice to do good or do evil, the inspiration comes from the I AM, our JEHOVIH within each of us. JEHOVIH is everything. If the I AM is bright enough we do good, if not we do evil.

The answer is growth. We grow and grow and grow. We raise the inspirations we receive and send. We raise the frequencies. For example Einstein was inspired to the Theories of Relativity. The atom was split. He was excited for all the good it could do. Because of freedom and choice, those of lower inspiration choose the atomic bomb. They are responsible for their actions. In time to come they will realize their deadly actions and will judge themselves. All despots, great leaders, good and bad will eventually face themselves and issue judgment and accept higher judgment as well. We on earth are allowed only so much killing time, then we are stopped. The earth and her heaven's cleaned up and order established. Away we go again for another little speck of time until it happens again.

Think of the brain as the ultimate radio, television set, computer, or any thing else you can think of that emanates electrical impulses. Think of how frequencies are, from the bottom, low without much power and short ranged to the best communication systems on earth with great power and range. Then think about the infinite heavens. We are a drop in the seas of infinity..

GODS of great power can tune in to a planet, a city, or an individual and know who they are, where they are, what they are, how good or bad they are, and much more, we here haven't got a clue about. HOW? These GODS or GODDESSES either have very advanced machines or (I think), their brain is so advanced it can tell them. This is also mentioned in Oahspe. Not the machine part but the capability of the sender and receiver.

There are big thinkers and little thinkers. The big thinkers are tuned to a particular frequency for a particular purpose, they are channeled. Example Einstein, doctors, engineers, anyone male or female that are destined to accomplish certain or great things in different ages depending on the I AM, growth within each of them. This they do with dedication and direction and high resolve through inspiration. They may not know how to hammer a nail, or cook a meal, or drive a car. Yet they invent in their minds through inspiration huge bridges, automobile empires, ships to the moon, the power to drive an atomic submarine under the polar ice cap, or to transplant a heart, liver and more. None of this would be possible without frequencies on isolated strengths and clarity.

I'm a little thinker and happy to be one. I can think of countless topics, inventions, opportunities, not in detail but how, when and where they work for me and others. We, all 99% of us on earth can enjoy huge benefits and growth for what we are and leave the single big thoughts to the big thinkers with the faith that they will get much, much more.

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