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Special Corner - Ken Mills As a Ray of light January 31, 2010

Original Date: 12-31-2002

I would like to consider the quote above, which is a part of a quotation from Oahspe, the book we are concerned with here tonight. The full quote is "Thou are as the end of a ray of light from My Person"
The whole of my thinking in regard to this Universe we abide in and the many questions that this Life pose are tied to the one statement that all Life is made up of Thought and so the above quote is very relevant as I can then except quite readily that I am a part of this whole process and therefore should do my best to advance its course into the glory set before me.
There are, as you know many questions that come to mind and each possible answer will raise more questions so that we will never it seems come to a final conclusion.  I ask should there be a final answer and I have to say no, as then life would have no purpose in continuing its journey into a future, and I am positive that without a future life would be meaningless.
Now as I have traveled this journey for some 80 years and at the stage when like most in my golden years feel they at least have some foundation to base at least a part answer to a few of the questions we ask of this life.
One question that is always prominent is that of Re-Incarnation, the same life continuing into another person on and on until some state of pure light is reached.   There are many cases on record that are hard to refute, yet the thought that there is need for such a system is abhorrent to many and I refuse to indulge in such a thought as its main purpose is to give some feeling of importance when otherwise the person may feel less worthy.
Never the less there is a reasonable explanation to this idea, apart from the idea being used many years ago to give some satisfaction to those unfortunates being used to create wealth of one kind or another for the few which in part continues today in India that made them feel as though they were at least on the road to greater things in a future life.
Be that as it may I am sure the better view would be to advance by service to others and just as importantly service to ones own personal Light, ones own possibilities.  I am sure like every flower and shrub we too have a blossom to produce if cared for and fed properly by both nourishment and right thought.
My other encouragement in this life is that we are as the quote said an extension of the Ray of Light from the original Source whatever the form might be.
To hold this thought gives one strength not only the feeling of being a part of the whole and therefore have a place no matter how small in this Universal plan, it also enables a communication between the cells of all living things, just think of that for a moment, it opens up all manner of creative possibilities and potential to each of us.  Of course a few have used this for their own good and caused great harm for which they must surely have to repay at some stage, and yes life does continue but not I fear in the same condition as here on this Earth life but in a more subtle form. 
This is where the suggestion that all life whatever form it may take is no more than Thought Vibrations just as the Light is self, which we are an extension of.  A brain cell in a Universal mind.

Blessings Ken Mills.

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